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Should Block-bypass attacks be changed?

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I'm talking about the slam attacks from Rat Ogre and Chaos Spawn, they just seem really poorly designed to me.

First of all, they're completely counter-intuitive compared to everything else we see in this game. Players are taught from facing Elites that any attack is blockable, even the heavy overhead cleaves from Chaos Warriors, which are hugely telegraphed. And then suddenly we got those two mini-bosses with attacks so fast they start and end in half a second that straight-up bypasses block?

And of course there's the telegraphing, in which there is next to none. By the time you see the first frame of animation it's already too late to dodge, the only way to reliably avoid the slams is to have either done research or been slammed so many times you can predict it'll happen and pre-emptively dodge, and even then the slightest bit of lag turns it into a crapshoot again. Not to mention that these two bosses seem to have infinite turning speed, I've seen handmaidens try to dash through the boss only for the boss to spin 180 mid-swing and hit anyway, and I've had them switch aggro seemingly mid-swing too.


I know that just making the attacks blockable isn't the way, otherwise people could just hold RMB and face-tank all day, but there's plenty of ways to make unblockable attacks fair. Stormfiend's fire and Troll's bile are both unblockable, but they are well-telegraphed and do things other than just raw damage, like area denial, movement slowing and screen covering if you get hit for bile. Chaos Spawn even has the grab already, so you can't just face-tank it anyway.

Just give the slam attacks a longer telegraph and maybe let the Rat Ogre do something else. The two-hand slam can do an AoE shockwave like Ribspreader's ground pound, and maybe give it the ability to summon small waves of skavenslaves, something to make up for not having instant block-bypass heavy attacks. There's so many better options to make them interesting.

So, any opinions on the matter? Are the bosses fine as is or should they be nerfed/changed?

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