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Sienna Boltstaff: the effects of charging

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Ok, so I've been liking the boltstaff for a long time on pyromancer, but ever since I've been using the firesword on Unchained more (don't pester me for its badness, it's a nice departure from just using the mace, dagger or sword all the time) I've been trying to find a way to bridge over my melee's lack of proper super-armor disposal if I run without the mace.

The only staff that can deal real damage to super armor is the boltstaff's charged attack, especially on headshots, but even after several hundred hours of playing some of its properties still elude me.

As I tested it on the dummy, the charging heavy bolt goes as follows:

First Stage, uncharged, just pressing right mousebutton and rapidly clicking left mousebutton: moderate damage, moderate penetration, can't get through Chaos Warrior armor unless headshotted.


Second Stage, around 1 second of charging, gives of a distinct sound, can get through Chaos Warrior armor, is high but I don't quite know how much, though it seems to be sizeable, especially when a headshot is scored (which deals around 40 damage, I think?)

Third and Final Stage, around 2 or 3 seconds of charging, again gives a distinct sound similar to the first. I have no idea what this adds, as on the dummy the damage is the exact same as the second stage. Is this an actual stage, does this have any advantage over the previous stage, or am I just wasting my time charging the bolt to the final stage?

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