Warhammer: Vermintide

Sienna melee weps and THP change suggestion (console version)

warhammer 8 - Sienna melee weps and THP change suggestion (console version)

Was the Dagger/Firesword heavy 1 changed to where it does ZERO stagger? horde rats dont even flinch to this attack! also was it changed to do ONLY burn damage with no impact damage??? i remember the Dagger having a fiery Heavy swing that knocked enemies back but now the visual is just a normal swing with NO flames or impact…

also 1H sword is almost completely useless. after 1 combo set the 1st attack starts to phantom swing about 50% of the time and the range feels really off too. i dont know if its the phantom swings throwing my attacks off but the range is LESS than the dagger.

my suggestion here is remove the stagger THP talent. for some reason the Battle Wizard isnt gaining any THP with this talent UNLESS using the Mace. even push stabs arnt getting much stagger THP.


as for melee kill THP the damage is so low you cant kill CWs. i hit a CW 4 times (20% Chaos) with Dagger heavy 2 and it didnt die. i wouldv hit it a 5th time but Elf Ulted it.

i read in other posts that Lingering Flames works great with Dagger/Firesword for melee THP but in my tests it simply doesnt hold up. even Dwarf swinging a HAMMER gets better melee THP income! i tested with Boon of Shalya.

because of the crappy THP im running Natural Bond which is actually outhealing the THP.

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