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Sienna’s 1h sword and Mace Movesets

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Obligatory “I love the game, thanks Fatshark! But…”

This post overall is a bit of a complaint about the viable weapons for Sienna. Right now only the mace and dagger are used in Legend, since neither of the swords has real AP attacks.

However the mace has a pretty awful moveset itself (covered here https://www.reddit.com/r/Vermintide/comments/8sptoy/siennas_mace/ today). I had the exact same frustrations as /u/skanoirhc. Even with the advice of push attack-light-light, I still got in the common situation where you have to block the multiple foes in front of you before you attack; if you run out of stamina you literally have no melee option. I died so much more with the mace than the dagger…

Kerillian, Kruber, and Sienna all have 1h swords, but they are different movesets. Kruber and Sienna get these (IMO) terrible strong attacks where you swing the sword back and forth like the 2h hammer; Kerillian gets a very nice AP overhead attack instead.


Bardin has a 1h axe, Salty has a 1h axe, they have the same moveset. Salty has a 2h sword, Kruber has a 2h sword, they have the same moveset. Kruber has a 1h mace, Bardin has a 1h hammer, they have the same moveset. So why is the 1h sword different? IMO they should all have the elf 1h moveset.

This issue is not as important for Kruber, since he has a few pretty good weapons already, but it would be nice to expand his options. Sienna could really use a 3rd (2nd?) option.

TL;DR can Kerillian give Sienna and Kruber some pointers on 1h sword use?

PS: All the Krubers and Siennas out there, who is using the 1h sword in Legend and loving it?

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