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Simple changes for more FUN!

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We gots posts about bugs.

We gots posts about nerfs.

We gots posts about drop rates.


Here's a post about small changes; I as a player would like to see to simply make the game a bit more fun. Hear me out, a few seconds is all I need.

Currently have around 210 hours in the game. Not the best of players but I've been around the block and ravaged my share of bodies.


  • On 'escape maps' spawn multiple Loot/Sack Rats that run the opposite way.

Risk/reward is always fun. Do we play it safe and get to the end? Or do we backtrack a bit and try to pickup 3 or more Loot Die?


  • Spawn more Ranged Specials

Specials are either Disablers(Assassin, Pack Master, Leech) or Ranged(Gunner, Flamer, Gas, Stormer)…I'm not saying to replace disabler spawns with more ranged. Rather, add in new special spawns that are strictly ranged. Or simply add them in as ambient rats. Or add them with Patrols. In any case, I find the ranged specials fun to fight against. Specifically the Gunners. So more would be better.


  • Event Specific Special/Elite Spawns

Some missions have a context that would lend themselves well to a tactical predicament.

Example, at the bottom of the elevator on the Halescourge mission there are always 6? Stormvermin waiting. This is a neat idea but needs to be fleshed out more. Increase the number based on the difficulty level.

  • Fort Brachsenbrücke -> Breaking the siege should put you up against 4-6 Gunners with a Stormvermin vanguard and horde spawn; all from the camp direction.

  • Warcamp -> Ramming the warcamp's gate…Behind that gate should be 6 Chaos Warriors or something. Definitely more enemies than what is there currently. I understand the lore is that most of the army is away. But there'd definitely be something more at that gate.

  • Screaming Bell -> No guard at the bell?

I'm sure others can think up different and better ideas…


  • Achievements list is very lacking.

Not only is it missing obvious tasks such as passing the boss levels on the various difficulties. It's missing the fun stupid things. Such as kill 5000 rats with the Blunderbuss butt. Even better if upon completing achievements you granted the player a Red item or something.


  • Explosive Barrel – More dmg & more Knockback

Lampoil certainly is useful. It kills hordes and patrols with ease and can limit avenues of approach.

But the explosive barrel is nearly worthless.

Only 3 were required to kill all those mutated trolls on the Hunger in the Dark mission.

While that would be way too much, it'd still be fun to greatly increase the knockback effect of these barrels.

Let's see some rats fly!


  • Incendiary Bomb Fireworks/Bomb Cosmetics

In V1 you could throw Incendiary Bombs straight up and they would detonate in the air like the 4th of July. Here in V2 for some reason this won't happen; instead the bomb will not detonate until it hits a surface.

Bonus points for changing the bomb effect if it detonates in the air.

Or better yet, release a line of cosmetics that change the bomb effects.


  • 'Skull' system like in Halo series for Deeds

Currently we have Deeds which you can randomly find in chests and only use once. Instead let us unlock deed modifiers, like a weapon we can use over and over again. Adjust rewards or penalties for modifiers used.

Done for now.

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