Warhammer: Vermintide

Since we got a new career i thought about what additions would make sense for the other 4

warhammer 4 - Since we got a new career i thought about what additions would make sense for the other 4

So after hearing about the BK i fantasized about possible career additions and this is what i came up with.


Since she draws inspiration from all 3 elven factions she has the most options by far, i decided to choose one possibility for each faction:

High elves:

Dragon Pricess:

Heavily armored meele fighter, would be kinda cool to have a tanky kerillian option. Also the armor looks magnificent. Though i see why some people would not want that, elves should be squishy right? I admit that this was the hardest choice for me overall, "dragon princess" has a few problems. For one i dont know if there where any female dragon princes in the lore, also they are known for beeing cavalry. On the other hand so are Grail knights.

Honorable mentions: Loremaster of Hoeth (female?), Sister of Averlorn

Dark Elves:

Bride of Khaine

Witch elves, Death hags and Sisters of Slaughter are all so similar that i though it would be best to mix them all together into one career. Swift meele fighters driven by sheer bloodlust is something that would fit very well into vermintide , given how gory the game is. What might need some adjustment is the model itself maybe because they are kinda nsfw in the tabletop. Also "whip&shield" and maybe "Dual witchblades" would be supercool unique weapons imo.

Wood elves


Pretty similar to the whole witchelves thing, fast dual weapon types but without the insanity. Another option would be ethernal guards but those are pretty similar to the way handmaiden is represented in the game. All other woodelves are more or less archertypes and we really dont need another archer kerillian.



Chaos dwarf:

Chaos dwarf is kinda vague since they are a completely different faction in the lore. I imagine a more or less balanced meele/gun career with an emphasise on dps. Also edge maxed out and most importantly: cool hats.


Warrior Priest:

Fits like a glove for saltspyre imo.

Heavy armored priests that focus on supporting their allies with buffs. Also lots of shouting about Sigmar so right up saltspyres ally. Unique weapon(s) pretty much has to be " Holy hammer(s)"


Hashuts Chosen/Devoted to Hashut (?)

Not happy with the name but whatever. Hashut is the chaosdwarfen god of fire, greed and hatred. He is believed to be a chaos god/archdemon so i would deem it possible to corrupt a human sorcerer. The main reason why i choose this is because there is an existing lore of hashut with unique spells based arround ash, fire, magmar and smoke. So lots of ways to make another firewizard without repeating the design to much.

Unique weapon: some staff that lets you cast something resembeling spells form the lore of hashut.

If you read all this: Congratulations for making it trough! What are your thoughts? What careers would you like to see?

Thanks and have a nice day!

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