Warhammer: Vermintide

Situations where bosses rapidly change targets and don’t telegraph the fact that they reaggroed need to go.

chivalry medieval warfare 01 1024x576 - Situations where bosses rapidly change targets and don't telegraph the fact that they reaggroed need to go.

Initially I writed it for a grand list of bugs thread but it ended up being a quite big post, on top of that I honestly want to bring more attention to it.

Regarding famous 180 degree hits by bosses, just look at this.

Chaos spawn makes a 180 degree turn as if he reaggroed to only immediately turn back and start attacking again. He did it like 5-6 times in that fight. He can switch targets in a pattern 1-2-1 within half a second and hit the first guy with an overhead which is ridiculous.

Right here he makes a 1-2-1-2 switch:

Seriously, what the hell?

And then another example of their BS, here:

Notice the difference between how he performs overhead on saltz and how he does that against bardin. Overhead vs saltz was almost instant, while vs bardin he actually turned and telegraphed that he reaggroed and only after that did an overhead.


To me it looks like they sometimes just randomly skip the "hello I reaggroed" part to do an instant 180 overhead. Is that intended or not – that's what I don't know.

Regardless, I don't think that it should be a thing. On the videos there is only boss, but imagine this "guess who I'm going to attack" shenanigans during a horde and/or when there are specials/elites around. I (and I doubt that only I) sometimes get downed because boss "fakes" his reaggroing and when I turn around to deal with the horde or kill a packmaster/blightstormer/etc. I just get an unblockable overhead in the back.

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