Warhammer: Vermintide

Skink Character Idea ( Even though it will never happen 😞)

warhammer 6 - Skink Character Idea ( Even though it will never happen 😞)

I was just brain storming with a friend about this and thought you guys would like this.

Starting with the three careers First one would be a ranged class the chameleon skirmisher that can turn invisible with his ult and he is centered around poison damage using a dart gun. He would give all charactersa chance to deal poison melee damage and increase his own damage against poisoned targets. He is immune to poison damage. His unique weapon would be a long ranged dart gun with poison damage.

Second class would be a red crested Warrior centered around single target melee damage his ult gives him the ability to target a single enemy and dish out a large amount of damage to that single target he gains aggro from this target when the target dies the timer on this ability resets. His passive gives him attack speed based on the size of the enemy (larger enemies faster attack speed smaller enemies normal attack speed) His unique weapon would be a two handed axe with armor piercing.


Finally the last career would be Priest of the heavens which would be a magic user that deals high damage against hordes with spells from his staff. His ultimate isn't like other ults his ult allows him to cast different spells based on how high his meter is. He must self charge this meter. At 1/3 of the of his ult he gets a wind blast shoving back enemies infront of him. At 2/3 ultimate he gets an aura that slows enemies attacks and movement speed. At full ult he gets an explosive comet that he summons above enemies dealing massive aoe damage. All of these abilities have a cast time. If he is hit while casting he will miscast causing damage to himself and he loses his ultimate entirely. His passive allows him to move through downed enemies. His unique item would be a staff that allows him to give ultimate energy to allies (he can miscast while doing this) he must have this item out to use his ult so this takes up his ranged item slot.

Weapons he gets are the following:

Wide Sweeps, fast attacks, crowd control

Damage over time, Armor Piercing, High Damage

Armor Piercing, High Damage, Shield Breaker

Fast Attacks , Versatile, Shield Breaker

Shield Breaker, Powerful Blocks, Fast Attacks

Sniper, Headshot Damage, Damage Over Time

Damage Over Time, Rapid Fire, Headshot Damage

Spell Casting

I know this is pretty far fetched but I think it would be really cool to see. I might do more of these in the future if you guys like this I have a fun Vampire one in mind that my friend and I discussed about.

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