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Skittergate is still not worth it

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So after AGAIN wiping on the last skittergate boss after nearly 1 hour of run and getting 500 xp for it, I have come to the IQ 200 conclusion that Skittergate just still isn't worth playing, at least in quick play with randoms.

The map is very long, twice as long as the other maps, with several really hard and maybe even bugged spots (Gatekeeper boss + 2 out of sight Blightstormers + 2-4 disablers say hello), 2 guaranteed bosses, and often at least 1, commonly 2 additional mini bosses.

And even if you do make it through the map, the last boss is not an easy deal with a QP group; just one bad person can mean a wipe easily. Yesterday we were in a situation where our horrible random died immediately (after already taking over 3k damage and he joined the run after Gatekeeper), our Kruber got unluckily rekt by surprise monks, and we literally ended in an unwinnable situation (Beam Pyro + Handmaiden). We played for 15 mins, ressing the dead, but adds never stop coming so they were coming much faster than the 2 of us could kill them, especially as there were 5+ shielded SV + shitloads of monks, and the boss kept spamming his spells, which 2 of us couldn't interrupt while also dodging/ trying to deal with the sea of adds. Ended up wiping after nearly 1 hour of playing, and got literally 500 xp for it (does the game disregard that you actually went through Norsca? as you're technically on the first half of the map during the last boss…).


So in general, Skittergate is NOT worth the added length and risk at all with the current rewards. My suggestion would be to give a heftier reward for finishing Skittergate, such as an additional box let's say 1 tier lower than what you get at the end regularly.

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I don't think this would make it the "best" map to do as you still have a pretty large chance of wiping, especially with pubs, and it definitely still takes almost as long as doing 2 short maps, but at least maybe you wouldn't facepalm as soon as you saw the loading screen and suicided immediately.

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