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Slayer “Natural Sprinter” build & guide

warhammer 4 - Slayer "Natural Sprinter" build & guide

I'm Slayer main 35+550 (1000h in V2), and this is my favourite build in the game! It's quite similar to meta, but with a few changes and gameplay tips.


  1. Sprinter – that's what dual axes are for. First light attack and push attacks give large boost to movement speed, which gets multiplied by leaping with No Escape talent. During No Escape you use push attacks to move VERY quickly, escape from or chase and kill specials, help teammate or reposition. With 4 stamina shields and 30% stamina regen you can spam push attack all the time… But that gets even better – you can basically get ~+20% movement speed all the time for free (much more during No Escape) by QQ canceling dual axe light attack. Easiest way is to use 'autohotkey' and assign LMB + q + q combination to one key, so you can spam it by pressing single key. If someone wants a script – i can send it in PM or edit this post to add it. 🙂

  2. Offensive power – that's greathammer. It can stagger infinite amount of enemies, but its drawback is zero mobility – opposite to dual axes. So you block, move and reposition with dual axes, and then start smashing heavy attacks vs horde, which means constant 40% armor from Grimnir focus talent… And 80% armor after getting one hit, from Barkskin trait.


  1. Complete build:
  2. dual axes – 2 stamina 30% BCR Swift Slaying
  3. necklace – 20% HP 2 stamina, Barkskin
  4. trinket – 33% curse resist on Legend, movement speed or crit chance on Cata 30% stamina regen, Shrapnel …So you can clutch and spam push attacks constantly. Dual axes have second best dodge count (6) and distance (125%) in the game, which combined with above properties, movement speed and armor when using greathammer, make you really tanky. Also its just fun to run so fast all the time.
  • greathammer – 5% crit chance 5% attack speed, Swift Slaying
  • charm – 5% attack speed 10% vs chaos, Concoction (switch to 10% vs skaven on maps like Into The Nest – i have second charm just for that)


  • Talents: Doomseeker Hack and Slash – only choice in this build, but lets you take 30% stamina regen on trinket and still have constant Swift Slaying Smiter Adrenaline Surge – to be fast all the time Grimnir Focus No Escape


  • Gameplay & tips
  1. When and how to use dual axes –
  2. When moving – hold block to avoid getting random hit from that single rat appearing out of nowhere, or getting hit through the wall.
  3. When in the middle of spread, small horde – use block and push attack to finish single mobs safely, eventually heavy attack (to get armor bonus) + light attack while dodging, while looking for a good spot to start smashing greathammer heavy.
  4. When clutching – dodge while blocking, waiting to leap. Good combination is dodge-dodge-jump, repeat (enemies tend to not hit you when you jump, and jump resets effective dodges). Ofc all that while holding block.
  5. VS gutter runner – hold block, prepare to dodge left or right if he jumps at you, use push attack to oneshot him if he's close – leap if he's at medium range and not preparing to jump at you (he can catch you mid-air easily)
  6. VS hookrat – charge at him with push attack, and move left or right in the last moment (it works like a dodge) to avoid getting caught, if he doesnt get oneshotted.
  7. VS lich – the moment you hear his sound instantly dodge left or right – he can't catch you this way.
  8. VS Stormvermin – great combo is dual axe push attack + greathammer light attack. Somehow greathammer hits instantly after axes, making this attack very quick and oneshotting SV before he can do anything. You can experiment with moving left or right just before hitting with dual axes push attack to dodge dance.
  9. VS berserkers/plagues – charge with dual axes push attack, if you are lucky you might one shot them. Then move back and dodge while holding block – their combo takes almost no stamina. Either your teammates finish them by that time, or you wait for their combo to end, and dodge left/right when they prepare heavy attack, hit once, repeat. DO NOT hit them during their combo.
  10. VS ratogre – block three attacks while moving back. When he slams, dodge back, push attack, dodge back. This should lock him in place, letting you easily solo him. Ofc always block while dodging.
  11. VS chaos spawn – block three attacks while moving back, when he slams/grabs, dodge back, push attack, dodge back. Repeat – its quite similar to ratogre, though you have to move.
  12. VS stormvermin – use leap and push attack to get behind him, start hitting the little rat on his back – it counts as a headshot and deals great damage, and can also stun him. If he starts turning to your direction, just block, move back, and get behind his back again.
  13. VS troll – just keep hitting him from side/behind, if he starts turning to your direction, move in the same direction and dodge left/right when he attacks, repeat.
  14. VS minotaur – prepare to dodge his charge in the beginning (with 125% dodge its quite easy), block combo while moving back, dodge unblockable attack, push attack, dodge back, repeat. Its similar to ratogre but worse, as minotaur is less predictable and can turn 180° instantly.
  15. VS Halescourge – wait in the corner to his left. When he appears in the middle of the arena, throw bomb (time it well) and leap high – you dodge his attack this way. Hit him and when he teleports start running with push attack (while on leap) or QQ light attack (without leap/stamina), you can get to him very fast this way.
  16. VS Nurgloth – use Greathammer vs his chaos mobs, BUT the moment he starts lighting up the floor, switch to dual axes and use push attack / QQ light attack / Leap to move to safe spot. If he is in the middle and area around him isn't lit, start hitting him with dual axes. Repeat – makes him way easier.

  17. When and how to use greathammer:

  18. VS horde – leap and keep smashing heavy attacks, repeat. You can add single light attack or/and push attack to speed up killing enemies, but watch for maulers/SV.

  19. VS Stormvermin – DO NOT use greathammer pushattack on them, that's asking to get hit. Use the combo i mentioned in dual axes part, and then smash one heavy attack, then light attack, repeat. If there are many stormvermins keep smashing heavy attack while moving back, waiting for teammates to help you, or switch to dual axes and reposition.

  20. VS Mauler – DO NOT use greathammer push attack on them, its same as with SV. Use heavy attack to stun them and finish off with 1-2 light attacks.

  21. VS Chaos Warrior – use leap, keep hitting him while moving around him, he can't hit you this way. If CW is mixed in horde, heavy attack once to stagger him (you can do it if he didn't start attack animation yet) and other mobs, hit with light attack few times, repeat. Reposition with dual axes if there are multiple CW and/or horde around him, wait for leap cooldown to kill them off.

  22. VS armored bosses – well, not much tactic here. Smash him with light attacks when he is not attacking you, if he is, switch to dual axes and aggro. Repeat.

I hope you like it, and at least some of you will find it helpful! 🙂

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