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Slayer Tips/Guide for Legend

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Just gonna write down some stuff off the top of my head. I play a ton of slayer

Your job is to kill SV. as slayer they are typically trivial for you as your push attack is pretty much = to a charged. Because your push attack is so strong you'll want +2 stam on your dual axes & necklace. Use push attacks aggressively.

Use 2H hammer as your secondary.

Handling SV – push attack/charged and use lights to finish. If it's a shielded SV use charged -> push attack and you should kill it

If you find a shielded SV you'll want to kill it immediately. As slayer IMO they are almost as important as specials. If you have even one shield SV in your horde it becomes significantly harder to control the horde in a corner, and you won't usually be able to get that charged -> push attack off safely without the wave thinning out first.

CW I just use charged/push attacks, go for headshots too. Monks & Savages are gonna be the mobs that fu*k your day up if anything. Learn to properly parry/dodge to the sides & use push attacks/charged, then they won't be too much of an issue if they're isolated.

Controlling hordes is pretty simple. If the crowd density is very high back into a corner and use your charged attacks with the hammer (left side of horde, right side of horde, repeat.) Push anything that's going to interrupt you before you start up that next charged. If your charged attack gets interrupted, you're usually dead unless you have leap ready. Keep chaining your Leaps right at your feet too and you'll get hit pretty minimally. Don't forget to dodge in between swings


anything that isn't super high density i just pull out dual axes and keep chaining leaps as soon as it's up pretty much, spamming light attacks.

Your dodge range with the dual axes are top tier so abuse the fu*k out of that. if you have aggro on a boss you can effectively still do damage with push attacks while evading.

Your leaps can be an escape, and a utility for your teammates. if someone got separated & downed, you can definitely pop a leap over there to get them up. I don't find myself using leap like this though, like maybe once every few games.

I see people saying slayer is a hard class to play, but he's really not and he's super strong. I'd argue he's one of the easiest given he has the ability to effectively control hordes, never get hit with his amazing dodge range, and kills elites/SV with ease. The hardest things to deal with are groups of monks/multiple savages, & patrols (slayer is very capable of handling patrols solo though.) I know he's squishy but you shouldn't really be getting hit all too much. If you do, you can still build up temp hp really fast as slayer.

Most people stack attack speed on slayer, I do as well. I know there are some out there that stack crit instead and it works pretty well for them too.

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