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So as it turns out there’s a plethora of hats in the game files that don’t seem to drop

chivalry medieval warfare 01 1024x576 - So as it turns out there's a plethora of hats in the game files that don't seem to drop

There's a mod on the workshop that unlocks all hats on the modded realm. A good half of all the hats this mod seems to unlock, I've never seen ingame, and I can only assume don't actually drop. A small amount of them being unfinished (roughly 3 out of 100+) supports that theory.

  • Infact, you can find a lot of the hats they showed in the trailers, such as Here's the full album of these ones I took if you dont wanna click through all these links.
    I dont plan to catalogue all of them, feel free to try out the mod yourself. This is by far not all of them, there's a ton for every career… just a selection of really neat ones that I found and wanted to show while making this post.


    All I'm left to wonder is… why? Why are these finished items in the game, but not available to obtain? You can't say "these are newly made and they're just about to release them" because some of them are as old as the pre-release trailer. Are they withholding content to "release" later? All of them are perfectly finished (except for 3: A zealot hood with some minor clipping, a sienna hat that is hilariously sideways, aswell as a sienna hat that crashes the game). I'd like some thoughts on this. To me it seems like a shitty thing to do, especially considering the incredibly low droprates of 1.1% per box you get every 3 games or so, so effectively near 0.3% per game won.

    Please do correct me if I'm wrong and you've seen them ingame, that's what this whole post is based around. I play a lot in quickplay solo and never once have.

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