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So, how do I build a Fireball Staff Pyromancer now?

warhammer 10 - So, how do I build a Fireball Staff Pyromancer now?

Never played wizard a lot, hence why I'm asking. Right now I'm thinking of using this build:

Talents: Natural Talent, Dissipate, Blazing Equilibrium, Fiery Fortitude, Exhaust.

Weapons: dagger (attack speed or push/block angle & crit chance, Parry), Fireball Staff (power vs. Chaos, crit chance, Resourceful Sharpshooter),

Jewelry: stamina, 20% hp, Healer's Touch, power vs. Chaos, attack speed, Home Brewer, 30% curse resistance, crit change, grenadier.

I'm not really asking about jewelry traits, I like the ones I have, but about evertything else. I know that Heat Sink's been nerfed, so I'm not going with that. My idea of a build that I want is that I can cast as much as I can without overheating, hence why the high crit chance and Resourceful Combatant, so that I can cast The Burning Head, ergo, remove my overheat, as much as possible. Am I going about it the right way, or is there a better one? Also, is dagger a good choice or should I go with something else? I used to play with mace, which I didn't like, and 1h sword, which was alright, but that was before the beta. Maybe there's a better choice of power vs. than Chaos as well?


Won't mind tips for Battle Wizard, also Fireball, if you feel like it. I know that my talents would be Voracious Conjuring, Lingering Flames, Centred, Confound or Flame-Fettled and Burnout. I'm not very interested in BW anymore though, since her active skill doesn't reduce overheat anymore. Would need to make my staff a Thermal Equalizer one I guess. Thx.

P.S. Just got my Foot Knight's 100 maps helmet. By the decree of Emperor Kruberstein The Magnificent, all shall now grow twirly moustaches.


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