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So I completed my “Master” Challenge about 2 weeks ago, here is what I think of each career

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Hello fellow redditors!

I have been playing VT2 for quite some time now (~600h in) and have become a die hard fan even tho I never played VT1 before. Fatsharks patch cycles are a bit messy and they seem to be very slow with a lot of things but I still enjoy the hell out of their game.

Patch 1.0 added the probably best feature for ppl. like me: achievements. I have been on a neverending quest to complete them ever since they got released. As the title suggest I am now done with all careers on all legend levels.

A little bit about me as a player: I am by NO means an amazing player. It takes me a LOT of time to adapt to different playstyles or games in general but if this process is done I consider myself a very decent player. VT2 builds a lot on positioning which is not a hero/career specific skill. I inform myself a lot about everything by watching/talking to jsat in his stream and aiming for specific breakpoints using the well known breakpoint sheet.

Now something a lot of you won't like: I aim for the best possible performance so I mostly stick to the meta, weapons as well as careers. Personally I never understood why anyone would purposefully play something that does the same thing but worse than any of the alternatives. In this game, every career is "viable" in the hands of a good player. Every career can clutch and safe a game by good positioning/ult usage etc. or fill a niche another career doesn't fill as good. It's just the point that some "niches" are a lot more common as others and have more practial uses. Every group composition can work even if it's non meta only but it's at some points WAY harder if you get a lot of stuff thrown at you at the same time (and we all know this happens quite a lot in legend games).

The "%" I'll give a career is dependent on the factors "efficency" and "fun".

With this out of the way, let get right into the careers:


Ironbreaker: 95% Ironbreaker is an amazing career that is as versatile as it gets with access to amazing weapons. The 1H hammer gives you incredible mobility while the 2H hammer gives you enormous stagger/control. The Grudge Raker is probably hands down the on of the best weapons in this entire game, this thing is beastly in every regard besides boss damage and no ammo probs at all (thank you Scrounger+RMB). You EXECUTE elites and PLOW through hordes with this thing, it's just nuts. On top of that you have a ton of survivability so even when you utterly screw up you can recover and an amazing knockback when it's required or an "oh shit" button in case someone pulls a pat or a boss needs to be repositioned/set up for your team. Sadly as long as you don't circle hunt in hordes with you GR you will be mostly invisible on the scoreboard but to me it still felt like I had a huge impact on how the game was going. Really fun to play and feels effective.

Ranger Veteran: 70% With the same weapons as IB this career should technically be amazing but I felt otherwise. RV survivability is mediocore and ever since they reverted his ult to not chaincrit anymore it's just an ult with a HUGE cooldown and medium impact. Sure he can stealth ress and clutch with it if needed but only once every few minutes unlike a Shade who can do the same thing every 30 secs. and has a way better output. RV is as the name suggest a ranged class but it feels lackluster compared to too many careers in this game (Pyro, BH, WS/Shade heck even BW in some points). So I see no real reason to bring it over any of the aforementioned careers which is a bit sad to me, this guy was a beast whenever his ult was "buggy".

Slayer: 40% The problem I have with slayer is simple the way this game is developed. Everyone knows the "ranged meta" meme by now since it's unargueably so much easier to bring a bunch of ranged careers instead of any melee focused one since they do the same job but better. Slayer has a good survivability with OTP but even with that as a non Slayer pro with several 100 hours under your belt you really tend to get hit a lot by hordes or even elites during hordes since you are the frontline yourself. And for what? If you play really aggressive and have your mates support you you can dish out as much as any ranged specc in the game.. for 3x the effort. It's really sad since the Slayer playstyle is soooo satisfiying but on the other hand feels incredibly unrewarding/inefficient.


Waystalker: 95% Waystalker is simply amazing, it brings everything to the table from CC to raw dmg be it elites/hordes/specials and is in my opinion one of the strongest careers in game. Every combination of Daggers/Glaive and Longbow/Hagbane is decent on her. You can pretty much do everything yourself from horde dmg to special sniping while having little (Hagbane) to no (longbow) ammo issues. Boss damage as long as you're confident with headshots is pretty good as well. A good allrounder capable of solo carrying a lot of games. You have to be careful with friendly fire tho, most elfs seem to not care sadly.

Handmaiden: 70% The reason for rating Handmaiden this low is because of her utility. HM is an amazing clutcher, the best one in game and the 1st pick for true solo. Lvl 25 invis is a disgustingly broken talent that shouldn't be in this game. Her output is normally below Shade/WS. The problem I see with HM is that she has MUCH less value in a coordianted group. I really shined in rnd quickplays because my mates were mostly pretty bad and dead most of the time and it's so incredibly easy to clear hordes/elite and dodge specials with the invis it's just broken. But outside of such clutch situations she is just a bit above average and in most regards not better than her alternatives.

Shade: 100% She is just great, Shade manages to bring melee to the table and make it seem useful in this ranged meta we are living in. Specials are a bit messy at times with Hagbane since you need more than 1 shot to kill them. Elites are just fodder it's ridicoulus and the ability to kill CWs on a low CD base is amazing. Hordes are a breeze with Hagbane as well. Boss damage is where she is untouchable. No career no matter how good you are can reach that amount of damage she can put out, a Decanter conc pot can solo a boss. Breakpoints aren't a hassle either since you almost get what you want by just holding a grim (as group). Clutch is good as well, if something goes wrong just stealth ress/rescue your mates or just run as far as you can to buy time. Hands down just an awesome career.


Pyromancer: 100% Well I guess we can all agree even after several nerfs you can still consider her somewhat OP. She is a jack of all trades – massive horde clear, long range special snipe and high elite damage (besides CW) while having decent to very good boss damage. It doesn't matter if you like beam, it is still the best thing you can get, Pyro synergizes so well with it yet alone because of how heat management works (there is none lul). Heat is almost never a problem, she doesn't need to vent that often and has a low CD aimbot ult that knocks back as well. Whenever you have one in your team most stats will be lower since she gets all the kills and is very often unmatched in raw output (be it significant damage or just padding).


Unchained: 90% After playing Pyro I thought it would be impossible to like one of the other careers but Unchained is also an amazing one. Fireball staff gives you good horde clear, decent elite/special damage and to my surprise AMAZING boss damage (especially if you go for barrage which I didn't even do). It's incredibly fun to play and feels useful as well, your overall output is a lot higher than the other "tank" careers ingame. The downside however is heat. To quickly deplete heat without having to vent is blocking, which is just fast and easy during hordes but oftentimes horde doesn't reacdh the group cause ranged meta so you take a lot of damage/time from venting. Her ult is meh as well, the time you spend running into a horde and using it to blow them up you could have thrown 2 fireballs in there from the backline and have the same result. It is more or less just for venting quickly or in case you overcharge and are about to die. Which is another bad thing, if you dish out a lot of fireballs and are about to vent a little rattie sneaks in from behind and hits you into overcharge. This happened to me quite often and made me want to never really use my mediocore ult for damage but to just sit on it in case something goes wrong which isn't a good feeling. Nontheless, Unchained feels pretty neat.

Battle Wizard: 90% Oh the BW.. a meme for quite some time now. And I can't believe I rate it this high. BW is just a good dps, with fireball you can dish out HUGE boss damage and have good horde clear or you go conflag and provide utility by staggering everything into oblivion so you mates can do the killing (which isn't fun at all since conflag plays really slow). I managed to to top meters in almost every game while I didn't even believe BW could be competitive in that regard. You spend a LOT of time with venting sadly which doesn't feel very good. The only reason I can't recommend or simply play it and feel good is because Pyro does the the same thing twice as good (besides conflag stagger) so there is virtually no reason to bring BW over Pyro.


Foot Knight: 80% I found FN quite enjoyable, handgun gives you incredibly good special sniping which feels very useful every map and with halbeard you can do halbeard things (this thing is still so disgustingly good and so much better in every regard than any other kruber weapon). The charge is very useful to get teammates out if they get surrounded or to ledge bosses/grant a free CW kill. Meanwhile he's durable as hell, not as much as IB but still durable. Block cost on 25 and the extra stamina shield really feel impactful and make him a very good allrounder with sadly only mediocore damage output overall. Always feels good to have one in your group or do it yourself and support the hell out of your team.

Mercenary: 70% The meat cleaver. Merc is an amazing horde clearer and can help with specials as much as FN does with handgun. All the power talents and attack speed modifiers (you want to go swift slaying/parry) make him dish out decent damage during hordes while still killing specials very good. Boss damage is the problem again. And the fact that he gets most of his damage out of hordes can be very frustrating since often hordes won't even reach your team thanks to the ranged meta so it often feels like you are just watching and ask yourself why you are even here and why you would want to bring merc over a ranged specc e.g.

Huntsman: 85% Longbow/Halbeard make for a solid weapon choice and gives you efficiency in melee as well as in ranged. With the right breakpoints you can 1hit body shot stormvermin which is very useful. Boss damage is very good but only if you get covered or don't have anything else active during that time. To maximize his potential your aim ought to be good, which is the only thing that makes him worse than elf, if he doesn't get chain headshots during his ult he often misses his niche which is bad for people with poor aim (like me) and amazing for those who have it. Clutching is given since his ult gives him a good stealth so he can ress or try to rescue. Ammo can be a problem if you don't get headshots that often or your team snipes away the horde when you try to regen during ult. Solid career to bring as far as I am concerned.


Bounty Hunter: 85% BH makes for an extremely good damage dealer which is capable of doing EVERY job (horde/specials/bosses) while having no ammo issues whatsoever. His blessed shots trait is just extremely solid for overall output and with a crossbow he really starts to shine. Falchion or sometimes rapier gives good mobility. The lvl 25 talent allows you to oneshot CWs whenever your shade's ult isn't ready and provides a good knock for bosses. Why did I rate him so "low"? All of this sounds awesome! It's because of aim. BH looses a lot of potential if you miss your blessed shots often (which I did) and even then he does extremely well. It just feels devastateing to miss 2-3 in a row while landing all/most regular shots. A little biased here because of my potatoe aim.

Zealot: 30% It doesn't feel right, it just doesn't. Most of the talents don't have too much of an impact or are straight out weak, ammo can be an issue depending on crits and the ult just feels like slayers but a lot worse. Flail was my weapon of choice and while it feels great to chew through shieldy bois you still need SO many hits for SV/CW and have issues to even oneshot slave rats with a lot of infantry stacked. Meanwhile it feels like you don't stagger anything besides SV/Maulers and Flail seems to have the usual phantom hit problem so you always hit trade a bit too much during hordes. Without a crit you won't kill most specials with the crossbow. Clutch potential is given tho, he has the right tools to do so. Don't let me start with bosses, it feels like you hit them with a wet noodle and I don't even exaggerate. I was able to top damage in non meta combs where my mates died a lot and I had to do most of the things myself, besides of that you output ist just below average and you don't bring ANYTHING over BH (besides durability) or any of the other tanks in the game. It feels unrewarding and frustrating most of the time. So sad the career with the best fantasy seems to fall so much behind (REPENT, REPENT, REPEEEEEEEEENT).

Witch Hunter Captain: 15% I never thought something could be worse than Zealot, I was dead wrong. Why would anyone ever play this in any situation? It feels so incredibly weak with this excuse of an ult that has SUCH a long cooldown, no good ammo regen or multiple power increases (besides gim). My weapon of choice was rapier and this thing feels very good against hordes but seems to suffer from phantom hits even more than flail does. Meanwhile he bites the dust after 2 slaverat hits. He brings absolutely nothing to the table that other careers don't already bring and his "tag" passive is on a slot with other similar effects so it can't stack which makes him not even a good enabler. I have heard about WHC mains here on reddit and even in vids of ppl. like "milkandcookies" and as I mentioned he is "viable" and can complete maps just like anyone else just that there is not a single reason to bring him in a coordinated group especially not over his alternative (BH). if you build a team arround him I guess you can make him work but the effort just is not worth it.

Well that's all. And before you type that angry comment because you don't agree with what I said don't forget: this is an opionion based post. I still tried to stick to facts over feelings as much as I could so cut me some slack. And please don't just come at me with scoreboard screenshots of WHCs that topped damage and had low damage taken to proof its viability. Such things heavily depend on who you play with, this whole post was with a coordinated group in mind that is on a mostly even skill level and not with random quickplay dudes that keep dying every 2 minutes.

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