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So if you were head of the content update coming soon, what would you add?

chivalry screenshot1 - So if you were head of the content update coming soon, what would you add?

What hats, frames, and skins would you add to V.2? Would you go beyond the Warhammer lore and make new armor for our classes? I admit, I don't know much of the Warhammer series, but there is so much potential for the cosmetics arriving soon… So I charted a list of some of the cosmetics I thought up on my time playing this game. Be sure to submit what you would add and what you think should not be added from my list. Here goes this is a bit long. Me personally, I love the slayer. In fact I love the slayer so much that I thought of two skins for him:

slayer: Fyreslayer with a daemon head. What I thought about this was a skin where Bardin would have fiery red hair with that dragon gold headpiece, flaming eyes, and 3 noticeable bloody wounds. The wounds appear fresh, and are shown on Bardin's back. Noticed slayer has a jar of some item on his pants? Replace that with a head of a daemon to prove this slayer has slain a daemon in glorious battle.

slayer: Bone collector. Now this would be a nice skin and a must on any slayer fan. Basically you have bones and skulls of enemies you have slain. From teeth, fingers, toes, and even skulls hanging off your body as trophies. You can have skulls on each of your beard braids, one skull on the end of your Mohawk, etc. If this doesn't violate the slayer code, bone armor on your chest of different monsters (cough stupid squiggs) to add style.

Witch Hunter: Anything that connects to a Van Helsing style skin would be epic for Saltz. Obviously no zone where copyright infringement would impede this design, but this is something I would love you to help if you can design this armor.

Zealot: Warrior Priest? Saltz would match this aesthetic no doubt about it, and he has the faith to make Sigmar proud. I am certain Fatshark won't imply that dual hammers now have to exist because of this skin idea.

Kerillian: Branch leaves suit. Think ghillie suit, but with beauty. Although her body is already covered in tree parts, this covers every single fabric with both leaves and branches. The elf wanted nature, and she can get it with this outfit.


Dwarf ranger: Total war warhammer cloak. Pretty simple, I am more interested in the color dyes hinted in the stream announcement with this outfit. In case you don't know what I'm talking about here: https://cdn.wccftech.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/dwarven_soldiers_total_war_warhammer.jpg

Handmaiden: Phoenix guard.

Foot Knight: Anything knight related. There are so many options for footknight hats/skins I'll just pick one. Crusader inspired armor since I would love a knight suit without a cape. The Empire would be proud.


1.Slayer eyepatch from the in game trailer.

2.Comical, but perhaps FK Frog mouth?

3.The hat from the beta which salt had a different avatar.

4.Traditional knight helmet for FK with red decorations on top.

I'm sure there will be many more than this list.

Champion skins: Hear me out, this is again if I can add these and not what is going to come legitimately in the game. These skins will be more rare than reds will ever be and more unlikely to obtain than a perfect patch. These skins are from the warhammer lore and would be epic to see these (although mod support may just be easier if it is more free to changed models). Some examples are:

1.slayer: Ungrim Ironfist.

2.Ironbreaker: "The White Dwarf", Belegar Ironhammer.

3.Mercenary: Karl Franz

4.Zealot: Volkmar the Grim

5.Waywatcher: Naestra or Arahan

Just to name a few. I know its a bit lengthy, but that's what happens when you want to see a game generate a future.

A joke skin and hat cause why not:

Lion helmet for anyone https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/22860

Slayer: Alex Jones skin.

Kerillian: White straps of cloth to shut her yapping

Sienna Fuegonasus: A dance partner

Marcus Kruber: His helmet should become a mug of Ale.

Let me know what you would add and what you plan to make when mod support hits.


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