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So I’ve been banned.

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I'll probably get downvoted into oblivion and most people won't believe me anyway but that's OK.

I'm usually not the type to make a tantrum on social media but this pissed me off and here I am.

Some context: Bought Vermintide 2 at release played a bunch ( 120 or so hours in march/april ) and took a break when the friends that I played with stopped. Picked up the game last week end to play with another set of friends. We finished our play session wiping repeatedly to try a complete a deed.

Fast forward 2 days, I'm informed that I've been banned from the game for cheating and that there is no appeal possible. I was quite surprised, I had read about EAC before, but dismissed the claims thinking I wouldn't be bothered by it.

Believe me if you want but I wasn't cheating. I'm just a average dude with too much free time to play video games. If there was a way to prove it by releasing the stats of these runs, I think it would be quite obvious that nobody was cheating that day.

Now I do have a theory on why EAC though I was cheating.


I used a trainer in another solo game before playing Vermintide, maybe the process was still running and it may be what caused the ban. I know what some of you will think or say but when nobody is affected, I can and do what I like, and it happen I don't like the combat in this particular game.

That said, even if the trainer was still running in the background it shouldn't have messed with Vermintide ( I can't guarantee it tho but at least it can't give me any advantages ) so I'm inclined to think that EAC just read the name of the process, saw a word that it didn't like and banned me for it without checking if it did something.

So here I am, unable to play, hoping that this will be seen and maybe that somebody will look into it and see that I didn't cheat. I'm not 12 anymore and cheating when I play in a multiplayer game doesn't amuse me.

All I can do is post my steam profile page, everybody can see that this is the only time this happen : https://steamcommunity.com/id/shakool/


TL;DR : Been banned, didn't cheat, maybe EAC didn't like that a trainer was running for a unrelated game

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