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Social Experiment: Joining Legend games as a level 1 hero

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Long post.

Background: I've leveled every other hero except Bardin to 30. Since I did not really feel like lowering my difficulty to compensate for my shortcomings for the fourth time around, I decided to see what people would do when I joined to Legend lobbies as a level 1 Ranger.

Some Information:

-Everything I equipped was power level 300.

-One red trinket I was blessed with when I had 30 hour playtime. 3 oranges and one white. (White crossbow.)

Granted people cannot see these values, however it probably struck assurance to the ally's heart when they saw I could still one-shot a special with a crossbow. Except hook rats.

-I had no idea how to utilize Bardin's ultimate so I just used it as an escape mechanism.

-I always used a Mic and was communicative.

-Sometimes I left the game at the end / when we lost to keep the experiment going.

So, back to the Using my teammates as a crutch social experiment!

Among my 20 games and roughly 100 player encounters, there were 14 people who asked what I was doing in legend. All of these encounters were replied with a simple explanation on my end, and kindly asking them to tell me to leave, if they were uncomfortable. 2 teams asked me to leave. There were no teams that kicked me. Or flamed. Among these people, 2 of them thought I was new, and tried to explain the game and direct me on to a better suit of difficulty. There's an irony here of not being able to even join Legend without a certain power level, however, that was very sweet of them from my personal view. 10 out of 20 games would be victories, had I not left at the end. After explaining the situation, with a staring, perhaps judging übersreik 3 inside a blue circle, looking at a dawri, 6 of the teams cheered and at least replied back. 2 of the teams made friends with me. And for the other half that we lost, No teams kicked me or demanded I leave at the keep.


Now this whole thing might as well count as a humble brag, I don't mind, I do know that I play well, you can only carry someone in Legend so much. However, I am delighted by this outcome in our community, This is exactly the direction I wanted the community to go.

The last patches speak a lot about the balancing of Legend. Skill is a better indicator than ruthless RNG now, and this has, to say, patched the elitist approach in the lobbies whereas before at patch 1.0.6 Joining to a Legend lobby as a 29 would be an almost guaranteed kick.

I've decided to call the experiment at it's peak when I met a certain group that even enjoyed playing with me, with casual chats and even letting me help and guide them. We finished with 3 tomes and 2 grims, convocation of decay.

Thank you Fatshark for providing us with this lovely game, and taking it on the right direction. And thank you guys too for the lovely community we are building.

Always something in store, hehe.

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