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Solution to boss walls

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So, I know everyone has seen this topic over and over on reddit and people only had 3 solutions for this. Remove the boss wall, have people spawn before the boss wall or nerf troll regen (isnt really wall related but just making him soloable). While im a fan of nerfing the troll regen, this doesnt fix the wall issue of being stuck behind a wall.

On the other hand, walls are there so people dont run through the entire level ignoring everything like bosses, ambience etc (aka speedrunning for loot).

If we add boss walls to every boss we would entirely kill speedrunning, and if we remove boss walls from fiend and troll speedrunning for loot would be the lamest thing ever. So how do we fix this?

Its actually fairly simple. When a boss spawns from a boss trigger it will ALWAYS add a boss wall if its a stormfiend or troll. If it spawns from an event or twitch mode however, it wont. I am completely fine with this because this isnt really that big of a problem.


What if we add a mechanic that every boss spawns a wall, but instead of blocking you it marks you with a "boss_state". If you kill the boss the boss_state will be removed from you and nothing bad happens. If you complete the level however while the boss_state is still active, you receive no loot but still get the map completion.

This removes speedrunning for loot from the game almost entirely (which im pretty sure is what fatshark doesnt want people to be doing. Think I read or heard that somewhere), but it doesnt kill speedrunning and actually makes it more enjoyable and less RNG.

Most people that speedrun for loot are probably going to hate me for it but im fine with that.

Let me know what you think of this solution

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Edit: as some have pointed out you can just run to an ammo box and kill it in speedrun for loot which is unfortunate, but still I think its a better solution

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