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Some bizarre vote kicking happened yesterday

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So I was playing RV with a red 1h hammer and a shotgun, using a "brew master" style build. It was legend difficulty and we were playing Hailscourge.

Other players included a shade, a Zealot, and a pyro(?)

Everything was going fantastic, but right at the very end (literally as we dropped into the boss arena) I get kicked.

The reason you ask? Moments before, the shade drank a speed potion and then a conc. pot back to back, making them largely useless since they would have worn off by the time the fight started.

I didn't even notice until the shade starts getting flamed in the chat. Naturally, a vote kick on the shade in initiated.

I voted no on kicking the shade. We had all been chugging potions like there's no tommorow all game due to my passive, it didn't seem like a big deal. We had all books and had no major set backs, we were going to destroy the boss anyway, so why bother kicking her?


Seconds later I get removed from the game. I said nothing, but they must have known I voted 'no'. If I'm correct (and please correct me if I'm wrong) all three of my comrades, including the shade I voted to save, voted I should be kicked.

THIS IS NOT JUST A RANT. I'm not trying to shame anyone or bi*ch and moan, I'm trying to figure out what happened. From my memory, it seems unfair, but if you happened to be in the game with me and have a different account of events (or if you weren't there but have a guess as to what happened) please let me know.

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