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Some cata feedback and thoughts, longpost

warhammer 4 - Some cata feedback and thoughts, longpost

First of all – I think Live is great in a way that you can use almost any weapon and feel that you are not useless, except for maybe fire sword and Sienna's mace. Even if shields arent great you can still manage with the right build and enough stamina regen.Even if 2H swords arent the best option you can use them and kill hordes and patrols.

I dont have beta branch access on a FS forum, so feel free to copypaste if you agree with me and think I am not a total idiot. Also engrish isnt my native language, so yeah.

Beta feels exactly like VT1 before quests and contracts, I think many of us remember that cleaving duo of Kruber and Bardin with 2h hammers and handguns. With the way stagger works, its most effective for you to do both staggering and cleaving, dont expect that you dream, about perfect teamplay where ironbreaker pushes everything on the ground with shield and you kill it, come true. Pushes and shield bashes make too much distance between you and enemy, fresh guys with more agressive behaviour will replace staggered guys and you may even trigger running attacks.

With that in mind:


Both Merc and FK are amazing with 2h hammer, one has cleave talents and attack speed, the other nearly immortal. Shield builds can work, still not a fan of them. 1H weapons feel like wet noodle. 2H sword cant cleave 4 guys. Exe sword is better (as usual), but still a worse 2H hammer in terms of cleave and armored DPS. Mace and Sword still works, saw lots of Kruber players with it and they were fine. New weapon – isnt that a copy of elven spear or I am retarded?

Ranged – unchanged IMO.

Huntsman – not my career at all, cant jugde it.


Bardin as always in a good spot, he was ready for cata changes. Just look at all this good stuff: 2H hammer that can cleave cata hordes. Shotgun that can cleave cata hordes and zerkers. Drakegun that is finally doesnt feel like overkill (still boring IMO, but its a necessary evil now), Throwing Axe aka triple shot crossbow with infinite ammo, Warpick aka oneshot any elite.

In details – RV feels fine, but a bit squishy, and his talent for a free bomb after disengage is bugged (instead of 1 bomb you cann throw infinite ammount of bombs while you are invisible). Nothing amazing or really broken though.

IB – this guy is ridiculous and his talents need nerfs. I am talking about 2% ultimate cooldown for any kill on full stamina. Drakegun Bardin uses second ult before first expires. That is not okay. Add merc or unchained for temp hp supply and watch IB clear map for you. He can explode instead of venting and still go on. And he can still stagger elite with drakegun and deal nice damage to monsters. Best thing is that he can burn beastmen buffed with flag.

Slayer – oblivious to pain gone (nerfed very hard), but instead he got 50% damage reduction while charging attacks. Which weapon uses charge attacks almost 100% of time, cleaves through cata hordes and works great with cleave talent? Oi, 2H hammer. Warpick or Throwing axes in second slot. Dual Axes and Hammers probably can be used if you master new dodge mechanic, but I believe cata Slayer is about 2H weapons now.

Weapons – 1H in position "not worth the risk", 2H Axe – same with 2H sword – cant cleave hordes – worse 2H hammer, Shields – okay, dual hammers still good for with a stagger temp hp talents.

Ranged – unchanged I think, but I havent tested drake pistols stagger, my bad


Again not my specialty, but from what I saw hagbane cant stagger elite now, WW is the only ranged career without infinite ammo now which is strange, blood shot timing is way too short, specially when compared to BH blessed shots reset on melee kill. HM nerfs were expected for a long time, but her new talent for 20% attack speed after dodge is way too good. Problem is she cant use her new weapon to full because she has no critheadshot temp hp talent. And I still think hp on kill is an awful game design and weak talent in general. Shade – 255.555 damage will always be a thing, same with instakill on crit, cool talents with bonus crit damage or headshot damage, glass cannon it is. On lower difficulty she can probably go full stealth true solo mod.


Most of her weapon feel wierd on cata, low cleave or low damage because of low stagger. S&D is still a thing with that "crit&headshot count as staggered" talent. Come to think about it, in VT1 2H hammer meta every elf also used S&D.


New weapon is very interesting (wobbling is awful though). At first I thought its about cleave like Halberd and tried to cleave with it as Zealot. Few minutes later a was dead. Then I understood its a head hunting weapon for WHC and that run was a great success. Easy headshot, great damage in headshot, and pushstab is so strong it might need nerf. Right now it stops and staggers any special. Zerker on a rampage? Hook him. Chaos Warrior preparing to attack? Hook him. But its hard to clutch with it – think of it as a backline weapon for WHC.

Falchion is still dead, Axe is overnerfed (and Axe&Falchion still exists), 2H sword still the same as Kruber's

WHC got a few buffs, free attack speed on tag, 100% crit chance during ultimate (scrounger on BoP instead of conservative, hm?), CritHeadshot temp hp shine in a new light with cleave nerfed. A&F, Rapier and Billhook work great against heads . But he needs friends now, you cant really kite or stop the horde.

BH – mostly unchanged and i think has the most obvious "best" choices in talents, because other 2 are just bad. 20 kills to ult is a buff for sure, buckshot talent doesnt seem to work, dual AP shot is an overkill usually. Interesting option to use your ranged with hunter and then gain 30% ammo for killed elite instead of being conservative with free crit shot and scrounger. Still needs some talents to buff his melee damage i think, its just not fun to go melee with BH.

Zealot – is a entirely new career now and I like it once I remembered that flail exist. If slayer feels the same and can still easily get 50% damage reduction, zealot needs new aproach. Of course you can get 30% damage reduction with 6 stacks (lvl 15 talent) and another 10% with lvl 20 talent and it will be worse than Live version of flagellant (minus tons of HP on Holy Fervour, minus crit power from stacks, minus cleave on A&F). So the only way to compensate for that is go for new stagger mechanic – to cosplay 2H hammer guys. Yeah, with flail. This thing can still bully cata elite (now with bonus damage and not just for fun), can cleave cata hordes with charge attacks. Attack speed on low hp, attack speed on holy fervour (and that talent for -50% cooldown), swift slaying. 120% bonus healing to earn tonns of HP. The only thing I dont like is that attack speed buff lasts very short compared to leap. On live Slayer is about DPS while taking little to no damage, and Zealot is about being immortal while doing damage, so I have no complains that Slayer has long attack speed buff. On beta its opposite, so Holy Fervour buff should last at least 10 seconds in my opinion.


To keep it short since Sienna is probably the most controversial character and there always be debates if she is too stong or too weak, and I am too lazy to argue – DoT battle wizard needs some nerfs. Unchained is great and deserves it for the risk she takes. Pyro is overnerfed – everything she can do Unchained can do better while being 216 HP melee monster, or BW can do while having great utility, CC and free venting.

Sword, Dagger and Mace is dead, sadly. Flaming flail will die once DoT BW will be nerfed, light attacks on this thing is even more wierd than on her Mace. Heavy attack that causes boom gives her full temp HP bar, but its much harder to use compared to flaming sword and its shield bash. I think its not fair that only 1 of her weapons can deal with super armor.

TL;DR – many viable options, much more than it seems at first glance, but tank meta stales extremly quickly. I dont think that guys who achieved 30+ weave did it with bounty hunters, pyromancers or ranger veterans.

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