Warhammer: Vermintide

Some feedback on balance beta as a single player

warhammer 8 - Some feedback on balance beta as a single player

As someone who plays exclusively with bots, the Balance Beta has actually brought me back to playing some Vermintide in the evenings. The changes to allow bots to pick up Grims and Tomes is extremely welcome, and have revitalised the game for me. Getting an Emperor's chest that didn't come from a daily quest was extremely satisfying!

On the subject of the bots, they seem to have sharpened up some of their behaviour. They seem to be sticking closer to me now, which is making runs easier. I can also tell them to pick up ammo using the same method as getting them to pick up tomes and grims.


Oddly enough, the balance beta seems to have had the possibly unintended side-effect of making the bots slightly more effective. The reason is that the beta nerfed the ranged meta whilst buffing melee. Well, the bots never used ranged weapons like players did (they pretty much use them for specials and little else) so buffs to melee combat are going to directly make for stronger bots. They're also so good at avoiding damage that the new Natural Bond is quite strong on them.

Overall, I'm very much enjoying the beta, and I wanted to let Fatshark know that even though I play the game by myself, I'm having a blast with these new changes.


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