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Some finer points you might not have known about

warhammer 3 - Some finer points you might not have known about

With the influx of new and returning players to the community, I think it might be worth creating something of a guide to explain some of the more hidden game mechanics that aren't readily apparent to new users. If it's useful enough perhaps it could be pinned or added to the VT2 resources sidebar.

The types of things I'm including are mechanics I only found out about by accident or from being shown by another player (or heard accounts of similar experiences from other players). I'll do my best to demonstrate some of the mechanics I'm talking about so if there's something of a similar sort that I missed, folks will know what types of things to suggest to be added and I can include them in the list.

Finally, if you already knew about these things, great! Others might not know about them, regardless of how long they've been playing. I've seen a number of posts recently where people have expressed that very thing. What might have been obvious to you may not be obvious to everyone.


Weapon Special- Some weapons have a special attack that are bound to the 'Weapon Special' key. You can find this function in the keybindings section of the options menu. These weapons and functions are as follows:

  • Rapier- special attack is a pistol shot from his offhand; can be used without dropping block. Resets Parry trait
  • Billhook- quick grab/stagger attack; costs stamina if you hit an enemy
  • Waystalker- all bows have additional zoom
  • Huntsman- zoom during Prowl (ult)
  • Pyromancer's Burning Head- zoom while holding F
  • Kruber's Spear and Shield- stab while holding block; doesn't drop block but it costs stamina. Resets Parry trait
  • Torch- quick swap to whichever weapon you had equipped before you picked up the torch

Venting- All of Sienna's ranged weapons along with Bardin's Drakegun and Drakefire Pistols have the ability to more quickly decrease the amount of overcharge produced from using them. Venting comes at the cost of health however, but it is better to lose a bit of health by venting than to exceed your overcharge and explode, resulting in a knockdown more often than not.

In order to vent, equip your ranged weapon and hold down the 'Reload' button. You can find this in the keybindings section of the options menu.

Throwing Axes- I've seen a number of people recently express that they didn't know that Bardin's Throwing Axes can be retrieved remotely. After throwing them you can either manually retrieve them by walking up to where they land and interacting with the 'Use' button, or hold down the 'Reload' button; the axes will fly back to Bardin's hand like Mjolnir.

Throwing Axes can also cleave through several smaller enemies at once. Hold down the charged attack button (RMB for most PC users) and left click. Instead of hitting just 1 enemy, the axe will cleave through several enemies. I included this bit because it's something I didn't know about until relatively recently.

Trollhammer Torpedo- The new Trollhammer Torpedo is affected by the Trinket Traits Grenadier and Shrapnel just like Bombs are. It is not affected by Explosive Ordnance however. This is handy since many of the Ranged Weapon Traits aren't very useful on it.

Talents and Traits

Hunter, Open Wounds, Make 'em Bleed- The Ranged Weapon trait Hunter, the Bounty Hunter talent Open Wounds, and the Huntsman talent Make 'em Bleed all incur a damage bonus to enemies hit by a critical shot or strike. What the tooltips for these talents and trait don't tell you is that they apply their damage bonus to the critical hit that incurred the bonus to begin with. This is effectively a 20% (25% in the case of Hunter) crit damage bonus, in addition to applying a debuff to the enemy hit.

Fervency- The Witch Hunter Captain talent Fervency (Animosity grants Victor guaranteed melee critical strikes for the duration) no longer provides the crit chance bonus (boosts nearby allies' critical hit chance by 25% for 6 seconds) to allies like it normally would with another talent in that row.


Leading Shots- The tooltip for the Outcast Engineer talent Leading Shots (Every 4th ranged attack is a guaranteed critical hit) does not tell you that ranged critical shots can no longer occur randomly. This effect is similar to the Mercenary talent Helborg's Tutelage and the Zealot talent Smite (Every 5 hits grants a guaranteed critical strike. Critical strikes can no longer occur randomly).

Makin' it Look Easy- Huntsman's Makin' it Look Easy talent increases critical hit chance by 25% for a short time after scoring a ranged headshot. What the tooltip doesn't tell you is that this buff persists until your next critical strike or shot which consumes the buff.


Healing Draughts and Medical Supplies- Healing draughts will always heal a player for 75 HP, regardless of how much they are actually missing. Medical Supplies, or med-kits, will heal a player for 80% of their missing green health. This means if you have 90/100 HP, the med-kit will only heal 8 HP. Conversely, if you are missing 180 HP, the med-kit will heal you for 144 HP.

Knowing when to use each item will help to maximize the amount of healing you receive. If you have less than 75 HP missing and you have a choice between a draught or a med-kit, take the draught and you'll be at full health. If you have more than 75 but less than 94 HP missing, a healing draught will still heal more than a med-kit. If you have 94 HP or more missing, then the med-kit will heal you more.

Wounds- When you get knocked down and are revived by another player, you will have no green health and your screen will look like you're looking through a grayish filter. This is known as the wounded status, colloquially known and "Black and White" or "Gray". You can clear your wound by using a healing draught or med-kit on yourself.

A med-kit also has the added bonus in that if you are wounded and you use the med-kit on another player, your own wound will be cleared. You won't recover any green health, but you won't be immediately killed if you get knocked down again either. This is an efficient way to clear several wounds at once with limited resources.

Zealot- If a teammate is playing the Zealot career, do not heal them unless they ask you too. They get combat bonuses for being at low green health and at best they'll be annoyed if you heal them with a med-kit. More often than not, they are perfectly happy playing with a health bar full of temporary (white) HP.

Social Wheel

Chat- You can send quick, pre-written messages and alerts to your team with the Social Wheel, also called the chat wheel. You can find the key for this in the keybindings section of the options menu. Hold down the key and several pre-written chats will appear; "Help!" "Come Here!" "Patrol!" "Monster!" "Thank You!" "Yes" and "No". Move your mouse to the appropriate message and release the key. This is a quick and efficient way to communicate without the need to type out a message in chat.

Pickup Items- You can also alert teammates to items they may want to pick up. Approach the item in question and place your crosshair on it. Then hold down the same key and a different wheel will appear with all of the characters names and portraits on it. Using the same method as before, move your mouse over the portrait, release the key, and a pre-written message will appear in chat telling that player to pick up that item. Doing this to a Bot character will actually force the Bot to pick up that item.

That's most of what I can think of for now, but I imagine it's enough to get the ball rolling. If I missed something along these lines, please feel free to comment and I'll include your contribution to the list.

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