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Some ideas on balancing shielded stormvermin.

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It's pretty universally agreed upon that shielded stormvermin are the worst designed enemy in this game. Everything about the way they perform is completely counter to interesting and tactical melee play. Here are some of my ideas on how to fix them:

  • Reduce their block angle from ~270° to 120° or 180°. It makes no sense that you can be mostly behind an enemy and they magically turn around in a millisecond to block you.

  • Further reduce block angle to 90° or less for invisible players.

  • The number of hits required to break their block should be affected by how strong the strike is. Notably, "Shield Breaking" attacks should be able to break their block in one or possibly two hits. It is ridiculous that a giant hammer takes as many hits to open their block as some puny daggers.

  • Massively nerf stamina regen. If their is even a small break in your attack chain, they regen all stamina in under a second. This is especially bad against multiple shields, in which they just continually stumble behind each other and instantly regen their stamina.

  • Make them vulnerable during their chain attack. I believe this could be balanced by increasing their chain attack's damage output.

  • Bombs should permanently break their shields, and Bounty hunter's Ult should ignore them. It's a bullet that can piece chaos armor, a wood and iron shield should be no issue.

  • If nothing else, severely limit how densely they can spawn. Patrols should be the only place where more than three can spawn in the same general area.

These are just a few ideas and they're all pretty simple. Any others are welcome.

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