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Some ideas to make certain weapons more legend viable (And some tweaks to other weapons)

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So with the new DLC and patch just around the corner, and Fatshark rebalancing a few things like the shields, 2h sword etc, it got me thinking of some ideas on how to perhaps make some more weapons a bit more viable for legend play. Especially with the changes to 2h sword and shield weapons push attacks, it shows that Fatshark is willing to make those changes even as far as replacing a certain attack with a more effective one which is exciting to me as it opens up new possibilities for certain weapons to be reworked and brought up to par. Here's my ideas:

1h Sword – 1h sword struggles against armour, with its charged attacks doing pitiful damage and its main source of armour damage being the third light attack which does the same damage as a 1h axe light attack. First off, those charged attacks could do a bit more damage, but also a new charged attack could be added. Either replacing the 2nd swipe or as a new 3rd charged, it could be a charged overhead, like a more powerful version of the 3rd light attack. It could deal the same damage as mace/hammer/axe/elf1hsword charged or maybe a bit less, but more than the 3rd light attack does. Another thing that could be changed is the push attack. It could be made into an armour penetrating stab which would deal a little bit less damage than the 3rd light attack. Also on another note, the light attacks could be made slightly faster.

Flame sword – Again, this weapon struggles with armour, probably more so than the 1h sword. First, I think the light attacks could be made to have light armour pen like say the pickaxe's light attacks. Another idea I had is to replace the 2nd charged attack with a powerful thrust instead of the side swipe to give its charged attacks more impact vs armour. Push attack could also be replaced with something better.

2h hammer – With the 2h sword gaining armour cleave on charged attacks, it would be cool if 2h hammers could get the same deal, or at least be able to cleave chaos maulers. This would really reinforce the crowd control role and make up for the lack of mobility, leading to less situations where you're forced to either trade hits or dodge backwards in retreat while the enemies start initiating running attacks and your dodges quickly deplete.

Dual Swords – The change to headshot damage vs armour is nice, but while it helps kill stormvermin faster, I think more could be done like flat out increasing the charged attack damage vs armour slightly so that you can better deal with chaos warriors who you're not going to be headshotting very often. Either that or do something about that push stab. The pushstab should have more damage or maybe even use both swords much like the dual axes pushstab or the dual daggers charged attack. It wouldn't do nearly as much damage as those but still a nice increase to DPS.

Brace of Pistols – They're not necessarily bad, but they have an identity problem and don't seem worth taking over other options. They're half a sniper weapon but with poor damage and accuracy and no zoom. The other half is the spammy altfire but they lack in ammo to really make use of that and have poor vs monster (boss and packmaster) damage. First that monster damage needs to be increased, then as for the altfire, maybe some slight zoom could help. I also don't think the spamfire function works nearly as well as it did in V1 due to lack of ammo so it could potentially be changed to a different firemode such as shooting both pistols at once.


Repeater Handgun – It has an ammo sustain problem, but I don't necessarily think that more ammo is the solution. While it would be nice and I'd advocate for giving it another 8 rounds or so, the problem I feel is that it feels awkward to shoot and hit your targets with. It could do with more accuracy and less ranged damage dropoff since it is a long barrel handgun after all. Also I strongly feel like the altfire's control scheme should be changed to that of Vermintide 1's repeater rifle where you only have to press RMB once to spin the barrel, then you shoot for as long as you hold LMB.

Bolt Staff – Either needs higher damage on charged attack, or faster charging. Also some zoom on charge 3. It's a bit ridiculous how underperforming bolt staff is compared to other sniper weapons such as the handun, crossbow or kruber's longbow all of which can 1 shot bodyshot legend SV, meanwhile bolt staff struggles to do that on champion.


Flail – Needs to have less delay on block cancelling. Often time you swing twice, try to block cancel then swing again but it goes into the 3rd light attack instead. Also would be nice to have less delay on the release of the charged attack, so when you release LMB the attack releases.

Sword and Dagger – Not sure how people feel about sword and dagger but to me on legend they feel really weak. They're stuck in this limbo between dual daggers which is a superior single target DPS weapon and dual swords which is better for horde killing. The first 2 swings should do the same damage as sword and dual swords. Right now they only do dagger/rapier level damage for whatever reason.

Falchion – Before you say this doesnt belong on this list, I know, it's still a great all around weapon, but a simple QoL change I'd like is to have the 2 charged attacks chain into the 3rd light attack like the 1h sword does. This might make fighting chaos warriors with falchion a bit less of a chore, but who knows, it might not since it might still just be easier to spam lights for the 3rd overhead or to just use ranged/abilities/let your team handle it.

1h axe – 1h axe SERIOUSLY needs its light attack damage increasing up to 14.25 like the halberd and glaive currently do, maybe even 15 so it can reach the breakpoint of 1shotting fanatics. It baffles me as to why the glaive and halberd which both have great cleave hit these breakpoints, but an axe which only hits 1 or 2 targets doesn't.

1h elf sword – Just needs faster light attacks.

Repeater pistol – Repeater pistol just doesn't have enough ammo to be worth taking outside of bounty hunter and even then for bounty hunter there are much better options in crossbow and volley. The ammo count should be increased back to 50 and the ranged damage dropoff should be slightly decreased. The altfire windup speed could maybe also be increased.

Swiftbow – More damage on charged headshots. Not sure actually if the changes to armour headshot damage affected the swiftbow though.

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