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Some insight into Fatsharks thought process

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An article about the data developers collect about players.

Taken from https://www.pcgamer.com/how-developers-harvest-your-data-to-make-their-games-better/

Fatshark, developers of the Vermintide series, ask very similar questions, despite making a very different kind of game. "If a certain weapon type is the most popular, we can focus on making more of that particular weapon type," says Fatshark's chief operating officer, Sven Folkesson. "Or, we might see that comparatively few are playing a certain level, so we might want to make changes to it or explain the missions better."

The answers help Fatshark prioritise because they show how the game is actually played. Vermintide has forums where players continually report issues, and Fatshark can also monitor comments on Reddit, Discord and beyond, but they know that these sources only give them a partial view of what players think and want.


"Not everybody will post about their experiences,' says Folkesson. "There might be a group of players that are very vocal about a certain thing in the game, and it's easy for a developer to focus on that very thing." Data can confirm whether reported issues go beyond super-engaged players or whether subtler problems are worse, and that helps Fatshark figure out how to divide up development resources.

At one point data showed that a Vermintide 2 level had a much lower completion rate than the rest, so the developers immediately started looking for the reasons. "We found out that the level had far too many roamers early on, in addition to a boss spawn, so we removed a few roamers to make the level on par with the rest."

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