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Some Inventory quality of life features for VT2

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I'm loving the game. I played a bit last night, and a group of me and 2 other randos stuck it out through 4 harrowing missions, including a full grim/tome run that ended feet from the exit (a warp blaster popped up behind us as we held the horde at bay in a doorway). I like the new specials and the levels feel bigger in a really great way.

However, there is some really basic stuff that I feel very strongly about:

  • Inventory sorting and filtering
  • Make the inventory items easier to differentiate
  • Favorite/Star items, mark items as junk

How to fix this?

Add buttons to sort and filter inventory. There should be a variety of criteria to sort/filter, some basics: Power, Rarity, Type (for weapons).

Right now, every picture looks so similar. Perhaps, show the power level with an icon of sorts to represent the type/how many properties it has. I just want some way to be able to quickly look at inventory items and decide what's what without having to hover over, remember, hover over next, compare.


Favorite/junk items. This is a common feature in may loot games, and it would make VT2 loot a pleasure to deal with. Favoriting would prevent the item from being salvaged, and put it at the top of your inventory display. Junking would easily mark items to be salvaged, extra points if they add a button to the salvage screen to salvage all junk (and it would add it to be salvaged in one go).

A simple way to do this (without adding in sub-menus) would be to have a Star and Junk symbol at the bottom of the inventory screen. When you click either, the mouse icon turns into that icon. Then, you click the item you want to junk/favorite.

I'm sure many other people have other ideas, and I bet they are even better than mine. Let's hear em'.

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