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Some issues with Xbox’s latest Sonnesil patch — DEVS?

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  1. For all the people experiencing crashing? Clear your Xbox cache. This should resolve that. I had no crashes at all last night with the new patch. 🙂

  2. Secondly, there is some major graphic bugs now in the Keep in the upper windows and door thresholds – Visuals through the empty gap show bugged geometry as the game is rendering it completely wrong by distance. So far in actual maps, it doesn't appear to happen.

  3. Bots – The bot AI code seriously needs some tweaks. Aside from the where is Sienna bot (recode her to be decent)… the bots are having a hell of a hard time on many edges or jumps… 1 falls off and then another goes to help.. and then all the bots are in the same spot… it is really ridiculous. There needs to be a hidden code that says if a bot is fallen within 25 feet, another bot cannot fall off within a 15 second window of time. This should prevent the nonsense of all 3 bots getting fallen and instant wiped. (This happened to me 4 times last night on Halescourge and it was infuriating). All the bots should not just flip out and then all are hanging from the edge… chances are you are going to get swamped and killed at that point on any difficulty higher than Recruit. The bots are still getting stuck on places like the high tower in Halescourge (where the tome is) and in the Warcamp (tower). They just get up a ladder and cannot figure out what to do.

  4. Ladder issues – I attribute the following bot AI ladder issues to ladders. There needs to be a smoother transition on ladders… I actually got stuck on one and could not get off the thing for 45 seconds. There needs to be instant jump off option and also fluid ladder mechanics redone. Look to I dunno… most other FPS on how they do it to be fluid in the right way. This would fix many issues. Also, remove the hit box mesh of the ladder top between floor and ladder top. It will be there visually but removing the hit box will allow the bots to not get stock on it (esp Bardin).

  5. There needs to be a note added in the Slayer Class description saying "Slayers do not use any ranged weapons". Some people might not know that.

  6. Light up addition to new equipment – You know how items highlight when they are new in your inventory? Please please add this in for the sub category they are in. It is so frustrating to go through each inventory type just to find the one that is new… Instead of making is a slow glow… just make it a bright yellow glow around the item that doesn't glow on and off… this would greatly help! If I could see the only item was in say Trinkets because it is lit up.. then I would know exactly where to go.

  7. Descriptions needed for the crafting mats – I am salvaging items into little brown things, a blue pile of something, bits of copper rocks and so on. Please add some info / header description on the mat types.

Thanks to the devs at FS for all the hard work…

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