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Some Kerillian builds I found useful

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So Kerillian is fun, but noticed that some weapon combos work very well together with some talents.


Glaive: Great clear and armor/heavy damage for close range.

Swift Bow: Due to passive, you have alot of ammo, aimed shot is the same as long bow normal. This bow allows you clear hordes from afar with ease.

Talents: Fury of Anath, Ironfeather, Rejuvenating, Khaine's, Kurnous'

Armor properties: For this build, I like attack speed and crit.

Notes: Your bow is going to be your main weapon. Swift bow gives you 75 ammo and you can regenerate 20% of that back with "Kurnous' Blessing". All bows suck for heavy armor and the aimed shot for swift bow is about the same as the longbows' normal shot. Since bows suck vs heavy armor, the glaive is amazing melee for the waystalker. It gives you some range away from the enemies, wave clear, and lots of heavy armor damage. spam your normal attack with the swift bow into hordes and watch the horde die before reaching your team! Your "Rejuvenating" talent will help keep the team alive and is great for deeds that periodically take away health.


Dual Swords or Dagger/Sword: I know the spear is great, however with the "Wraithwillow" and "Gift of Ladrielle" talents, your block range is great and you can push out some great damage. (If you have attack speed, glaive or spear works well too).

Long Bow: Since you will be mostly melee, the longbow will help afar with the aimed shot damage.

Talents: Wraithwillow, Triumph, Hukon's, Khaine's, Gift.


Armor Properties: Block cost and your choice.

Notes: Handmaiden is a weird one to play, but can be very fun. The reason why I like dual sword or dagger/sword over spear is because you can get your "Dash" up faster and do a bit more damage. With "Wraithwillow Stance", you have almost the same block area as a spear. Dash as much as possible, your "Gift of Ladrielle" will keep you safe for a short time after dashing.

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Shade: (My favorite, always top damage charts and kills)

Daggers: Mixed with "Infiltrate" and "Murderous Prowess" you insta kill elites and take out 1/3 – 1/2 boss's health with 1 heavy attack.

Volley Crossbow: Great ranged clear for hordes and specials.

Talents: Fury of Anath, Hekarti's, Mistress, Khaine's (If you have enough crit, then "Weavebond"), Shadespirit

Armor Properties: Crit and Crit power

Notes: You will need to block and push alot in hordes. Once you do, go all out with the daggers. Bosses, Lords, and Elites you will destroy, one "Infiltrate"/ heavy backstab will take out almost half a boss's hp and deal a massive amount to a lord. Stealth to revive teammates if needed. I normally let the team aggro a horde then dodge behind the horde if I can to slaughter everything. Use you crossbow to take out red guards, specials, and hordes from afar.

Hope this helps, let me know what you guys think!

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