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Some More DirectX 12 Propaganda

warhammer 10 - Some More DirectX 12 Propaganda

Yesterday I saw another post about how DX12 is causing stuttering and what not …. and I wasted like hour steam forum talking about this again, in the end I made 2 vids showing current DX12 performance, one liming the game to 60fps, since it was requested and I guess there is still quite a few ppl playing at 60Hz monitors and second vid without in-game or RTSS limiting. Mainly to show that DX12 is just superior to DX11 for VT2, if one is running compatible hw & software and lets driver to compile the shaders first.

  1. The 60 fps situation : https://youtu.be/4pkZT–d0Ds , basically yields perfect frametimes, actually I never tested this before, so it's nice to see that it indeed works amazing. There is like 1 single small frametime spike in whole run, and who knows what was cause of that, maybe the damn Windows Orchestrator Update service just got re-launched in background or something. It's irrelevant basically. This is as good game fluidity as one possibly can get at 60hz.
  2. The 165hz unlimited : https://youtu.be/dF4dFNEHt88 , this might look like it runs kinda like shit, because there are small "spikes" on the graph, but the thing is, the graph range is only 0 to 25 ms, so the very small bumps are like 1ms, which is not even perceptible and the bigger ones might go from 6-7ms to 10-12 or so, (60fps is 16.6ms btw…) so those spikes can be noticable for some ppl, I do notice it, but it is not disturbing at all. Also the reason for those spikes are in nearly all cases spawns of new mobs. It adds load onto already maxed out main game thread which results in the small frametime spike. I guess that is just how the engine work/is setup so there is not much to be done about this. But unless it's patrol spike, which is little bigger it's non-issue. (actually it's kinda cool, since I know exactly when the patrol spawns by the one small microstutter) Aside from these spawn-spikes it runs incredibly well with superb input lag.
  3. The 165hz unlimited w/ some more tweaking : https://youtu.be/aFQ3K1b8eSk, this also includes 2 slave rat hordes, the worst fps offenders. If anyone can do better than this on DX12 or DX11 or DX985 please, let me know. Also the graph range here is ONLY 0 to 20ms.

Only unsolved issue is that it's still all in windowed mode, because I can't get fullscreen to work well. But that might be some G-Sync issue.

Just give it a try and know that first few runs will stutter a little while shaders are being compiled on the fly. (This should go away in 1 or max 2 runs thru the same map)

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