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Some more True Solo questions

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I've asked some questions before, but as I keep trying to get better and hopefully complete a legitimate solo run with something other than a cheesebuild, I keep coming up with new questions that I can't really find answers for myself.

1: Bosses.

I can kite and kill a boss without too much trouble, but unless I have a really good anti-boss weapon (such as spear or Slayer's axes) I have no hope of killing the boss before a horde shows up, and then it all slowly and painfully goes nowhere. Boss does a pretty good job tanking for the horde, not letting me clear it any quicker than a few hits sneaked in once in a while would allow and the horde prevents me from doing any significant damage to the boss by presenting a constant threat, limiting my mobility options. How do people deal with that? The only solution I've been able to come up with is pushing the boss off a cliff with a bomb if a cliff is available (does that even count?..).

2: Horde clear vs. horde control.


I've tried different weapons, and among them there seem to be two distinct "styles" of handling hordes. For example, let's look at Kruber's halberd and mace. With the halberd, if you have space or horde is not too dense yet, you can kill it pretty quickly, but if you get cornered/surrounded, it's pretty hard to get the horde off you or to hold it in a choke point – mainly because of the slow attack startup and push attack having no arc and almost no cleave. Mace, on the other hand, has a great push attack and a lot of stamina, which allows you to fight a horde while standing in place or even push the whole thing back somewhat, but it's clear time is best described as "eventually". Both weapons have great anti-armor potential, so in that department they are even. Which way people experienced with this thing prefer? And what is the proper way of dealing with the hordes anyway?

3: Maps.

The most common map I see picked for solo runs is Screaming Bell, but when I gave it a try I couldn't get past the dreaded market square despite not doing anything too differently from the people I see do this map. My own pick is Righteous Stand – it's somewhat simply laid out, usually gives you enough space to move, has only one "bad" area where a ton of ambients that you can't see before can get pulled at once, end event is just horde mode where you get to move around freely (with no boss) and there's no bloody thunderstrikes messing with your aim. Other map I've thought of was Empire in Flames, but I haven't gotten around to giving it a proper try or ten yet. What is the usual map selection process? Or did somebody just pick Screaming Bell randomly and it kinda became a benchmark?

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