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Some numbers about the new temp health talent

chivalry screenshot1 - Some numbers about the new temp health talent

So I did some quick tests on all of the new temp health talent, here is the result. Noted I did those on a limited time so there maybe something I forgot.

Temp health on melee killing blow:

slave rat/clan rat/fanatics: 1

Note: This one is pretty weird since I can barely get pass +1 temp health even I was killing horde left and right, so I suspect the actually number is way lower than 1, maybe 0.25 or something like that.

Mauler: 15

Chaos warrior: 21

Marauder/Assassin/Warpfire thrower/Ratling/Stormvermin: 4

Packmaster: 12

Zerker/Monk: 7

Sorcerer/Gas rat: 9

Boss: 85+

Note: I can imagine this can give you a full bar no matter how low you are.

Temp health on stagger: 2

Note: This one seems ridiculously good because not only every single push you do you get 2 temp health per target, but also including mace/hammer/flail's stagger(possibly other weapons, I didn't test all) from simple attacking, i.e, hitting 3 slave rats with a 1h mace, killing the 1st one while staggering the 2nd and 3rd means you can get 4 temp health, or staggering stormvermins and chaos warriors with charged attack. Also noted that valiant charge does not grant any temp health, so I believe this only applies to weapons. I can also imagine some hilarious scenarios where 4 player constantly pushing a single poor slave rats for 1 minutes to get a full bar of temp health.


Temp health on cleave:

1/2 target

3/3 target

6/4 target

10/5 target

Temp health on crit/headshot:

Same as the tooltips, 2 on headshot/crit and 4 on critical headshot, noted that pistol shot from rapier does not count as melee anymore.

My quick thoughts:

Temp health on kill for mobs may need some tweaks, right now it might as well get no temp health from chaffs at all.

Temp health on stagger might be too good for horde, while temp health on cleave seems weak in comparison.

Temp health on crit/headshot I think is on a good spot.


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