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Some numbers and thoughts regarding Swift Slaying and resourceful combatant

warhammer 2 - Some numbers and thoughts regarding Swift Slaying and resourceful combatant

So recently I came back to the game after a 2 month break or so (trying to finish kitting all careers with multiple sets of veteran items), and I picked up waystalker again. I remember before RC was nerfed Dual Swords were rather disgusting(ly good), but I wanted to gather some numbers on how the same weapon with each trait performed (in regards to ult recharge time). And now I wanted to share these results and my thoughts on how the 2 traits perform.

I tested attacking clusters of 5, 4, 3, 2, and a single enemy with each trait and recorded the average ult recharge time to get some baseline on how much of difference RC ACTUALLY makes.

For each test (to somewhat account for random crit bullshit and whatnot) I recorded the time to recharge Kerrillians ult from 0% (without the talent that reduces the cooldown by 30%) 10 times and noted the average time. The results are as follows: No canceling was used, just rapid spamming of m1, and I chose dual swords to maximize the difference between RC and SS (since 3rd and 4th attacks have such absurdly high crit chances) Single target: RC – 30.6 seconds SS – 43.9 seconds

2 targets: RC – 24.3 seconds SS – 29.4 seconds

3 targets: RC – 20.1 seconds SS – 23.5 seconds

4 targets: RC – 16.4 seconds SS – 17.6 seconds

5 targets: RC – 14.6 seconds SS – 15.7 seconds

General conclusion: In high density + high cleave scenarios, the bonus offered my RC is minimal. In low density / low cleave situations, the bonus offered by RC is somewhat notable (With constant mob trickle you'll see around an extra 6% ult cooldown)


My thoughts – For frontline / dps characters with a high – mid cleave weapon, SS is hands down superior. Especially if that character has an ult with a medium – short cooldown. I think a case COULD be made for midline/backline characters or character with low cleave weapons to take RC over SS since their goal isn't necessarily melee DPS (BH, Pyro, and Waystalker come to mind). I'd argue for these classes that RC COULD be a better option because their ult's are potentially more valuable, they want their ults up as often as possible, and they generally shouldn't be dealing with cluster of enemies greater than 3 if the frontlines are doing their job. Although it really says something about the state of RC (and SS) if it only MIGHT be valuable in this small niche. I don't like where RC currently is at the moment though, since even in this rudimentary test the effect is marginal unless you have a medium – long ult cooldown. I don't really know how this could be fixed, but I'm curious to know what other player's experiences have been with using RC vs SS. I definitely think that tying RC to crit chance REALLY hampers it's potential (because the careers that can reach absurd crit chances it can be quite OP), but I don't really what changes could fix this. Giving RC a separate chance to proc from your crit chance could work, but how would you communicate to the player that they just procced RC? Another sound cue? An icon with the cooldown displayed? IDK. Anyways, cheers!

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