Warhammer: Vermintide

Some questions from a returning player

warhammer 3 - Some questions from a returning player

Hey there!

I played this game a lot on release, I'd reckon it was the first 2 months or so after release and grinded legend with my friends. Legend was very enjoyable, it had a nice difficulty to it and the constant special spam made it fun. We probably won 14/15 runs with 2grim3tomes but the general balance felt really fun.

After returning now the balance in legend seems really really off. It's ridiculous how much easier it is. The stuff that hit strong breakpoints in the past, like 1 shot kills on hs vs specials were constantly complained on at the subreddit as OP and usually got nerfed but now it feels like literally any weapon you pick one shot anything on bodyshots.

It also seems to be a lot less specials. Whats up with that? What happened to legend? Did they just turn legend into what veteran difficulty used to be because people complained it was too hard to grind for loot and those of us who enjoyed that gamemode lost it? its not even about the better loot chests it was just a far more FUN way to play when chaos warriors presented some sort of danger, when bosses wouldnt always insta-melt (unless you glitchabused) and when you had to actually hit headshots to kill specials.

Did they turn cataclysm into what legend used to be forcing me to buy a dlc i have no interest in or i cant play in a fun difficulty?

seriously whats with this damage output, who even cares about breakpoints when everything dies in the same speed that they would on veteran.


i really dont think i remember this incorrectly, i racked up something like 290 hours in 1-2 months while pretty much fulltime streaming quick legend runs with premades trying to get reds. i nolifed the game hard enough to feel like its very unlikely i remember every single breakpoint wrong and the general feel of difficulty wrong and the rate of special spawns wrong, etc.

is there whitelisted mods or something that increases difficulty without forcing me to purchase a DLC i have no interest in?

is my only choice to enable stream mode to at least get some increased difficulty through the things that spawn via that (even though this fix will just spawn more stuff, it wont give them respectable healthpools).

i think the trash mobs health are fine, maybe a bit too low, they're not the issue though. the issue is that the stuff that were supposed to present some sort of potential danger now are extremely trivial. you oneshot EVERYTHING, including chaos warriors. Me + a friend play together and get 2 randoms to fill the team and our average time to kill a boss is still sub 30 seconds, several times sub10 seconds without ever abusing a glitch or similar.

We've legit killed bosses faster now than you could back in the days with the full auto musket glitch.

Where's legend at? Cmon…

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