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Some tips for Iron Breaker

warhammer 10 - Some tips for Iron Breaker

Edit: A few people brought up the accurate point that these are tips more for a playstyle. So the bellow points are things I do when I play Iron Breaker on Legend with some friends. Like most things, results will vary in quickplay.

  1. Take a shield and miner's rhythm. If you get the timing down you can infinitely stagger hordes with the bash and shield punch combo. Also take opportunist so you can bully elites. You'll have to time your bashes more for CWs and Zerkers but it is possible to stun lock them for your team

  2. Fight in the narrowest space possible to multiply the effectiveness of your crowd control. You are literally all 300 Spartans fighting at the Hot Gates in one Dawi. Using choke points like this more of a general combat tip, but IB's especially should be fighting in narrow spots.

  3. Take and learn how and when to use the drake gun. It's tempting to just delete hordes with it but save it for when you're getting overwhelmed or need to clear a path. You're more valuable to your team stun locking enemies into oblivion. For real the shield bash heavy combo is some real Dark Souls 2 shit.

  4. Take gromril curse. That shit is a get out of jail free card. If you get pounced on it will throw the assassin off and if you're hooked in a crowd and an add hits you, the hook rat gets thrown away and you can move again.

  5. Save your ult for when a bunch of elites spawn. You can taunt and pull them to be at an angle where their flanks are exposed to your team. That is especially valuable if you have a Shade that comes from a civilization that discovered fire. Or it can take enough heat of your team for them to clear weaker adds and then help you or pull agro away from a downed teammate.

  6. Take OI Wazok. The other two lvl30 talents are also nice and it depends more on your comp, but OI Wazok lets you pull boss agro so your team can wail on it.

  7. Natural Bond. You should be taking fuck all damage with IB. In fact if you take a lot of damage with IB you're not getting much value out of his passives. So if you're a big kid that can avoid getting hit a lot natural bond will make it to where you could potentially never have to be healed because you'll regen the health you lose from that one add you missed killing long as you know what you're doing.

These are just some general tips and like everything in the game it they aren't the answer to 100% of problems, however after playing a shitload of IB these are the things that help me and my buddies the most. You're not gonna be getting a shitload of green circles or any at all really most games, but your job is to be the wall that keeps the enemies away from your team. You carry with IB by making it so your teammates can carry.

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