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Some True Solo questions

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I've just completed my first successful illegitimate true solo run (no bosses, saved from a couple assassins and one really stupid move by an option in "Me, Myself, I" mod, and Handmaiden's Defiance talent probably disqualifies me as well even if I don't use Gift of Ladrielle), and in addition to working on refining my play in general I've identified a few key problems that I would have to overcome on the way to succeeding in legitimate true solo run, which as I understand is considered a feat of at least some valor.

Problem 1: Assassins. Responsible for ~80% of failed runs.

I do understand that this is the enemy that is designed to eliminate solo players, but people are getting around them somehow nontheless, while I can't figure it out. If there's a single assassin and no other (relevant) enemies around, I can watch him and shoot him when he's about to pounce, or dodge the pounce and melee him with somewhat good success rate, but if an assassin, or even two, attacks me while I'm trying to deal with a horde – I usually see them first when I'm grabbed. I can somewhat track them by sound, but I don't quite understand how to dodge them when I can't see them through the horde. Same when there's two of them pouncing at me one after another. No other special is anywhere near as problematic. Any tips for dealing with sneak-rats in solo?


Problem 2: Shields. And I don't mean just shieldvermin, but shieldraiders and shieldclanrats as well.

If there are other people around, shield enemies are usually either guard broken and killed quickly by the general damage output or just pushed/staggered enough to not be an issue. In solo, shields present a much bigger problem, because they are always focused on you, breaking a lot of your attacks aimed in that general direction, and they are much harder to guardbreak and kill off before they get up again because you have to deal with all the other enemies at the same time. Any specific tactics for dealing with them?

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Problem 3: Chaos Warriors in a horde.

They just do not die, do not retreat and take away your space like a tank should. As Handmaiden, most of the time I'm able to continuously reposition until I thin out the horde enough to be able to commit to attacking CW, but I can't even imagine how to deal with a situation like this as a character who doesn't have an 'uncorner' ability. Is there a proper way?

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