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Some undocumented 1.0.8 beta changes I found

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Decided to mess around, primarily with the dummies and see what changes I could find. Here is a list is no real order of things I found noteworthy while testing as the host.

  • Most bleeds/burns/talents work on dummies (those I've tested do)
  • Backstab angle ~120 default, improves to ~170 with trait (slightly less than 180). Tested with slow movement around the back of the dummy and shooting a line to it in the ground when a backstab occurred and then guessing the angle after both sides. Definitely over 90 and under 135 for the default angle.
  • Shade 15 +75% backstab damage talent doesn't work (stays at +50% bonus)
  • Ranged backstabs do bonus backstab damage, but do not grant ammo with talent
  • With dual weapons only 1 attack receives infiltrate bonus, other is normal attack.
  • Backstab is still additive base damage, which means backstab with infiltrate is fairly small bonus since infiltrate doesn't seem to alter power.
  • Damage cap removed or damage exceeding the cap is dealt as a separate bonus hit (could be dummy exclusive but my testing is showing it in game as well)
  • Standing too close removes floating hit values but appears to still deal damage (infiltrate is removed on hit whereas it remains if you miss)
  • Burns/bleeds have power scaling per weapon
  • Barrage ranged weapon trait lasts 5 seconds, stacks 5 times and is applied to the first hit
  • Saltyspyre Blessed Shot doesn't refresh barrage
  • Hunter ranged weapon trait lasts 10 seconds, applies on the first crit, can not be refreshed, but can be applied to multiple damage types at once (multiple separate buffs)
  • Beam staff deals burn damage equal to beam damage per tick with the 2 highest ticks with a 1.0 multiplier vs unarmored and 0.75 vs armored (while beam itself is 1.0 vs unarmored and 0.5 vs armored, meaning the burn from the beam does more vs armored than the beam itself).
  • Burns (bleeds untested but probably the same) don't receive bonus dmg from headshots or crits
  • Conflag/fireball/bomb aoe doesn't affect armored dummies
  • Conflag does more damage longer it's charged (duh) until max, does much more damage to enemies in the inner circle and at full charge has 3 zones of dmg. Regardless of distance, all enemies take the same weak burn dot (2.75 with 600 power) that scales slightly with charge time
  • Fireball does max damage for most of it's aoe then quickly falls off at the edges. Applies 1 weak burn tick (2.75 with 600 power)
  • Light attack with flamethrower weapons doesn't apply a burn
  • Burn ticks are a substantial part of the charged attack damage on flamethrowers (as anticipated)
  • Slayer trophy hunter is 10% dmg per stack, applies with first hit, and scales with crits (this has been known but I point it out because it's unlike backstab)
  • Slayer 15 talent Unstoppable changes trophy hunter from 2s to 5s duration (was 3s I think).
  • Slayer 10 talent Crippling Wounds is the expected debuff of 20% bonus dmg to target and lasts ~5s. can be applied to multiple targets simultaneously
  • Slayer dual axes have damage fall off on multiple targets now. Not that you could hit them before anyway on higher difficulties.
  • Open/close command console (f2) no longer allows movement before the cutscene finishes
  • All bombs deal impact damage. On legend both bombs deal 5.75 (scale with power, not difficulty) with a body shot, 8.5 headshot, 8.5 crit bodyshot, and 11.25 crit headshot vs unarmored. The armored multiplier seems to be half the unarmored for impacts (and I suspect it's the same for the aoe). These impacts appear to be able to crit without blessed shot, but I don't care to test it.
  • Bomb aoe deals 105 at the center vs unarmored, scale with difficulty not power, and have damage falloff
  • Incendiary aoe deals 19.75 aoe at the center vs unarmored, scale with difficulty not power, and have damage falloff, no burn dot
  • Blessed shot consumed by bomb throw (known), and gives bombs guaranteed crit for the impacted target (not the aoe).
  • As we've assumed, all aoe attacks don't seem to be able to crit except melee attacks with ranged weapons

Things I've tested in game as host with bots.

  • Stormfiend fire trails do damage players very inconsistently
  • My fps is considerably worse during hordes
  • My infiltrate tests aren't showing it exceeding dmg cap in game, but i haven't tested thoroughly. I can say the glaive downward heavy did 129 (scoreboard so rounded) to a Stormfiend from the front w/o headshot on Legend. Going to try to hit a headshot on a different boss and see if I can pass the cap. Just hit a 299 on a Stormfiend from the front that may or may not have been a headshot. That doesn't really matter because I'm 99% sure I only hit it once with the glaive heavy downward strike and it exceeded the old cap of 255.75 (256 on scoreboard) confirming that you can exceed the cap in game in this patch.

What do these things mean? As for Shade, imo dual weapons are dead if it stays this way. Their main draw was boss damage coupled with 2 elites kills at once. They can't do either anymore. If you can surpass the damage cap (and it appears you can), glaive may be the only choice because of the incredible damage potential.

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