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Some Vermintide 2 new Player Tips

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  • You can block while reviving by holding RMB before starting the revive. This means you'll only be able to be interrupted if your stamina bar gets depleted.

  • Medical supplies heal 75% of your missing health, healing potions heal 50% of your max health.

  • You have a finite number of times you can go down before dying, varying by difficult. You get 3 on recruit, 2 on veteran, and 1 on champion.

  • You can reset the number of times able to be downed by healing using medical supplies or healing potions. Other healing will not reset this count.

  • Enemies' overhead swings tend to be their strongest attacks, and are most easily dodged by going left or right rather than backwards.

  • Shoving an enemy greatly increases their aggression towards you, making it easy to relieve some of the pressure on an ally.

  • If you land a headshot, your hitmarker will be yellow. If you critically strike, your weapon will have an orange-red trail behind the hit.

  • The lesser infantary has three tiers, explained below.

  • For Skaven, the pink naked guys (Slave Rats) are significantly weaker than the furry, clothed rats (Clan Rats). Above Clan Rats are the rats in green and yellow robes (Plague Monks).

  • For the Rotbloods, the emaciated dudes are beneath the normal warriors, who in turn are beneath the twin axe shirtless guys (Berserkers).

  • Between lesser infantary and specials are the Rot-helms and Stormvermin. Rot-helms are armored at the head, and Stormvermin are armored everywhere but the head.

  • Skaven specials include the Ratling Gunner, Gutter Runner, Poison Wind Globadier, Packmaster, and Warpfire Thrower

  • Rot-blood specials include the Succ Wizard, Blow Wizard, and Chaos Warrior.

  • Most specials have friendly fire, so a conveniently-placed Gunner or well-timed Globadier can be very helpful.

  • While poison gas may have a cloud effect somewhere, the only parts that actually damage you are marked by a bright green sludge on the ground. Likewise, a Blow Wizard tornado has a green circle around its limits.

  • Power attacks penetrate armor, as well as light attacks from weapons with the armor piercing property (Saltzpyre's axe, Kruber's 2h hammer, etc.)

  • Each level has three tomes and two grimoires. Tomes take up the healing item slot, while grimoires take up the potion slot, disappear if replaced (Tomes can be swapped out), and reduce the max health of all party members by 33% per grimoire (mitigated by the curse resistance stat).

  • Tomes are worth 50% of a bar when upgrading loot chests. Grimoires are worth 75% of a bar, loot dice are worth 25%.

  • Each character (other than Sienna) has three subclasses that can be loosely categorized into striker, ranger, and tank.

  • Strikers are the team's close range damage, specializing in killing bosses and tankier targets, as well as clearing hordes.

  • Rangers are the team's long range damage, specializing in killing specials before they're a threat, saving distant allies that are trapped by a special, and damaging bosses.

  • Tanks are the team's shield, specializing in drawing attention to themselves, defending allies, and incapacitating many enemies at once.

  • Strikers include Mercenary Kruber, Slayer Bardin, Shade Kerillian, and Witch Hunter Captain Saltzpyre.

  • Rangers include Huntsman Kruber, Ranger Veteran Bardin, Waystalker Kerillian, Bounty Hunter Saltzpyre, and Sienna's Pyromancer and Battle Mage subclasses.

  • Tanks include Foot Knight Kruber, Iron Breaker Bardin, Handmaiden Kerillian, Fanatic Saltzpyre, and Unchained Sienna.

  • Weapons come in five tiers, ordered from lowest to highest: White, Green, Blue, Orange, Red

  • Green items come with one attribute (Example: Crit chance, attack speed, etc.), Blue comes with two attributes, Oranges have two attributes and a trait.

  • Traits are specific bonuses for certain actions, such as a chance to increase attack speed on kill, or increased damage on units that you shove.

  • Red items, while not posessing anything that Orange items are incapable of achieving, always have the best possible rolls of their attributes.

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