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Some Vermintide 2 Questions

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Hey folks,

I've been reading some "getting started" guides to Vermintide 2, and I have questions that seem to be too complex for beginner's guides, but are maybe simple enough that I don't find nuanced discussion of them.

I'm a veteran Vermintide 1 player, trying out Vermintide 2 for the first time.

First – I'm confused by Hero Power, and how I should be min-maxing it. A few missions ago I got a chest with a really nice Blue Bolt Staff. Awesome! Then a few missions later, I got a GREEN staff with a higher hero power! Am I nerfing myself in battle going in without all of my highest Hero Power items?

Second – with the new Hero Power stats, I'm not understanding what the good strategy in this game is for crafting items. Upgrading an item doesn't increase its Hero Power, so from what I can tell, this is only useful if you have a really high hero power Green item, and you'd like to make it Blue so that it can have two properties on it instead of 1?

It also seems like upgrading items is not worth it until you have leveled up quite a bit… since you'll be unlocking higher Hero Power items fairly frequently? Am I wrong on this?


I end up with a lot of junk trickets and weapons. Is there any reason to not simply salvage everything that I'm not actively using on a character? I think I'm too used to the Vermintide 1 method where it was useful to hang onto all your green items to upgrade to a blue, or all your blues to upgrade to an orange.

Finally – I've unlocked lots of random "Commendation" boxes by doing various achievements in the game. Is it worth it to open these immediately, or should I level my characters up a bit first? I'm thinking I should maybe "spread them around" some of the characters, so I can get decent equipment for them all? Currently I've only been playing as Sienna.

Finally – do Bots in this game work like they did in Vermintide 1? If I am the host of a game, and there are bots, do the bots in my game use the equipment that I have set them up on? Thus is it worth it for me to level up and equip all my characters so that my bots are better?

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read and answer my questions. If you have any other guides you think I should read, please let me know!

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