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Sometime recently, packmasters were nerfed. After some testing, here’s what i found…

chivalry medieval warfare 16183 1920x1080 1024x576 - Sometime recently, packmasters were nerfed. After some testing, here's what i found...

Before, you needed at least +44% (or around) damage against skaven/monster/power against a packmaster to 1 shot body shot with certain weapons (like handgun). Others were able to headshot 1 shot.

After testing a bunch of weapons on LEGEND difficulty, I found some interesting break points:

  • In general, packmaster takes a bit more than 100% more damage now.

-Packmasters are still considered monsters. +monster % will increase damage dealt to them aside from +skaven and the other usual bonuses.

  • "Power Boosts" or similar naming conventions means from talents, item properties, and other sources of damage increase (off balance, WHC tag) combined, test it yourself to see the minimum required.

  • I won't include instances that crit unless it's not RNG related or relevant.

Kruber Weapons:—

Greatsword: with a small amount of power boost, can 1 shot HEAD shot with a heavy attack.

Executioner Sword: heavy attack will DELETE it with a headshot, as usual. If you can get a big power boost (Merc, Footknight) you can body shot heavy attack for the DELETE.

Handgun: 1 shot body shot

Longbow: 1 shot body shot WITH charged attack.

Blunderbuss: Still can't do it, will take at least 2. With a BIG power boost (+50%! power) you can 1 shot head shot if all pellets hit, but I think it's too much trouble to make it work consistently.

Repeater Handgun: 2 shot head shot, 3 body shot, with good damage bonus you can head shot + body shot to do it.

Bardin Weapons:—

Grudgeraker: Same deal as blunderbuss, but since you get 2 shots you can get it in 1 go before reloading provided all pellets hit and damage against skaven.

Handgun: See Kruber's handgun.

Crossbow: Strangely, it will not be able to 1 shot without a crit. It will take 2 at most, 3 for body shot.

Drakegun: About 1+ second of focusing it on a packmaster will kill it in most situations, so in huge crowds it can definitely help especially on legend.

Greataxe: Like a greatsword, with the right modifiers you can 1 shot headshot with a heavy.

Pickaxe: If you charge it all the way, you can by default delete the packmaster body shot or not. For the regular heavy attack, see the executioner sword, you can 1 shot headshot with big power boosts.

Kerillian Weapons:—

Glaive: Same old, you need both hits body shot to kill. A headshot on the 2nd hit will 1 shot. With Handmaiden's +15% power talent, you can 1 shot body shot if you have item modifiers that increase damage against packmasters.

Spear: The 2nd heavy attack (the stab) will 1 shot with some power boosts on headshot. With said power boosts, 2 regular attacks (first 2 stabs) with both headshots will also do it.

Dual Daggers: Both heavy attacks with headshot can do it, it's much easier to do on the 2nd one (the stab). Pretty sure both hits need to be headshots, so aim well.

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Greatsword: Heavy attack will 1 shot head shot with some power boosts (handmaiden is best for it). If you body shot, the follow up of the heavy attack will finish it. The follow up cannot 1 shot head shot.

Sword and Dagger: The 2nd charged attack headshot will 1 shot head shot.

Longbow: Cannot 1 shot body shot without big power boosts (even with handmaiden +15%). Headshot is no problem. However, with big power boosts on Waystalker + headshot talent, you can potentially 1 shot head shot with a NORMAL shot (with all modifiers and a +10% damage increase from somewhere, maybe WHC tag).

Hagbane Shortbow: Now this one surprised me the most. 1 charged shot, even with only 10% damage bonus, no headshot, will kill it by the end of the DoTs. Must hit the packmaster directly. With damage bonuses, it will die faster. 2 shot body shot with small power boost. May not even need power boost for the charged shot 1 shot.

Shortbow: 6-7 body shots, reduced with headshots or right clicks. I only included this one due to how fast you can fire said shots.

Waystalker Ult: If NONE of the 3 arrows headshots, it will take all 3 to kill it. Any less and it will not kill. It only takes 1 arrow to headshot to kill.

Volley Crossbow: 2 arrows, regardless of headshot or right click volley, will kill.


Shade (In General): Attacking from behind will let only the glaive 1 shot body shot with the big damage hit, dual daggers heavy, and the 2nd heavy of sword and dagger. Others require the follow up hit or a +20% damage boost from somewhere.

Shade's Stealth Attack: DELETE THE PACKMASTER if you so much as breath on its foot with any melee weapon.

Saltzpyre's Weapons:

Any headshot crit: DELETE THE PACKMASTER

Rapier (WHC only). Fully charged will 1 shot head shot, 2 fully charged body shots will kill it as well. 2 regular heavy headshots will slay it. Any other classes will not be able to 1 shot head shot with this weapon without a crit. The pistol is not worth using on it. Even with a blessed shot rapier pistol crit headshot from BH will not 1 shot.

Greatsword: Headshot with a heavy attack will 1 shot on WHC. Other classes require big power boosts, but its possible.

Falchion: WHC only, you can 2 shot head shot with normal attacks with big power boosts. Anything that is not a headshot (or crit) will push it to 3 hits for a kill.

Axe: Same with Falchion, WHC only, but only heavy attacks will do it. 2 push attack headshots will kill with small power boosts. 2 normal attack headshots will also kill with big power boosts. Be sure to tag it if you are WHC to make this possible.

Crossbow: See Bardin's Crossbow. Strangely awful at killing packmasters. Be BH if you are going to use this to slay them with the blessed shot regardless of where you hit them. WHC will 1 shot head shot due to his headshot talent.

Repeater Crossbow: 2 arrows headshot will kill. All 3 will body shot kill. As WHC, tagging it will let you 1 shot head shot with big power boosts. 2 shot with big power boosts + tag on BODY shots. MAYBE with BH and extreme big power boosts you can 1 shot head shot.

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Repeater Pistol: WHC tag will 2 shot head shot. The right click will obliterate provided you get a good shot in (no headshot needed, but makes it consistent). Otherwise, you will need a crit headshot + regular headshot. Just use the right click.

Brace of Pistols: 4 body shots will kill. Headshots don't help much, even as WHC.

Sienna's Weapons:

Mace: 2 heavy attacks, regardless of body shot, should kill by the end of the DoT. Maybe with extreme power boosts, a head shot can do the job in 1 hit + DoTs. As Unchained with high overheat, you will 1 shot body shot with a heavy attack without the DoT, provided you have modifers. Otherwise, the DoT should be enough if you don't have it.

Dagger: Unchained Only. The 2nd charged attack at high overheat will 1 shot body shot with the DoT damage, no power boost from items needed. The push stab at high over heat, no power boost from items, on a headshot will also kill with the DoT.

Firesword: Unchained Only. High overheat + 2 heavy attacks will kill on body shots with the DoT damage.

Beam Staff: With big power boosts, 3 ticks and then a right click on headshot will kill.

Bolt Staff: Requires headshot to 1 shot head shot with a fully charged hit.

Fireball Staff: 2 half-assed right clicks will kill. A fully charged one will kill on direct hit or really, really close. 3 left click or 2 head shots with big power boosts will kill.

Firestorm Staff: About 1.2s+ of the flame burning it will kill, much like Bardin's Drakegun.

Conflagration Staff: The Right Click will stagger it if you hit it dead on the center, but its not worth using unless already have it charged up. See Fireball staff for the left clicks.

Pyromancer Ultimate: 1 shot body shot, as always.

Battle Wizard Ultimate: Standing in the fire trail for at least 7.5 seconds will kill with big power boosts. Only realistically possible (number wise) with the 10 second fire trail trait. Can soften the packmaster if you teleport away for a 1 shot body shot with most weapons.

Let me know if something isn't working or incorrect. I didn't really fully test them and I don't have the gear to do so, but 95% of it should be correct. If the weapon is not listed, it means it takes 3 or more hits that are not easy to do and thus not very good at killing them still.

Please forgive my formatting.

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