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Speculation: Sienna’s 4th Career will be Master Vigilant

warhammer 9 - Speculation: Sienna's 4th Career will be Master Vigilant

Hey guys, I was reading up on some Warhammer lore and I came across something that made me think about what Sienna's fourth career might be. Hear me out, I think her 4th career will be Master Vigilant.

Remember Nurgloth's whispers on the Drachenfels maps? A lot of people are expecting Saltzpyre's 4th career to be Vampire Hunter because of his background with them (cf. Nurgloth's whispers in the Drachenfels levels) and what seems to be foreshadowing on Fat Shark's part (particularly in that blog post). Basically Victor feels guilty for failing to save the daughter of the Skaggerdorf Burgomeister who was abducted and turned into a vampire. Despite her pleas, Victor killed her himself even though he was initially tasked with saving her by her father. Becoming a vampire hunter could be Victor's way to face that particularly tragic past and atone for the sin of failing to save and killing an innocent girl.


Well, my point is that something similar could apply to Sienna, Her 4th career could be a way to seek redemption. In Vermintide 1's lore book, in the banter from both games and in "her" Drachenfels whispers, we learn about the irony and tragedy of her background story. In short, she's offended by the charges levied against her which brought her into be in Victor's custody. Initially, she sticks with him and the others because she wants to prove her innocence or so she claims and every chance she gets, she mocks Victor and his order's tendency to blindly persecute wizards and regular folk. Yet, in the whispers, we learn that she did indeed kill several people when she was unable to control her temper and/or her magic: an old mentor of hers and most notably a witch hunter whom she killed to protect a friend of hers whom the witch hunter was investigating for heresy.

Unfortunately, she later learned that the witch hunter was right and that this friend of hers was indeed studying and practising forbidden magic and worshipping chaos powers. So despite her playing the part of the slighted wizard who wants to prove her innocence, she's in fact guilty, just not of the crimes Victor arrested her for. Becoming a Master Vigilant, an apostate huntress could be a way to atone for the crimes of killing her mentor, the Witch Hunter, and protecting -even unwittingly- a chaos witch.

I think this would fit really nicely with the lore and it could also help expand her gameplay. For instance, she could have access to some new, nice, more "secular" career-exclusive weapons and she could maybe share some of them with the Unchained.

Anyway this was my 2 cents. What do you guys think? Should I stop drinking before going to bed? Or do you think I might have something there? Anyway whether or not the future proves me right or wrong, you heard it here first !

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