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State of Sword and Daggers on beta, patch #3

warhammer 3 - State of Sword and Daggers on beta, patch #3

Warning, SnD rant ahead. TL;DR: Sword and dagger feels not really good after beta changes and all nerfs to daggers and OP beta dual swords are also hit the SnD, dropping in down from the list of good choices to the list of mediocre choices.
So, pre-beta S+D was one of my favorite weapons – what's not to like, it have bonus crit on light attacks, decent armor killing on charged attacks, poison on third (not so useful but why not), and it have a good combination of dodge distance and amount of stamina for blocks. Of course it's not a dedicated crowd killer(but S+D is good at this, for sure) and not an elites hunting weapon (since most of other weapons do it better) but something in between. It was quite an unpopular choice since everyone used D+D or glaive. After the beta start, the weapon received mostly nerfs:
1st iteration of the beta. Nerfed heavy attack and poison now applies to only one target. In exchange damage of push attack was buffed – now you can kill SV with 2 hs attacks if you get 40% vs scaven/armor(30% if you have 15% boost from talents of HM and shade). Wonderful. BTW right now all push attacks of kerillian dual weapons deal 13 damage.
Patch #1. Less stamina cost for push. That is the only really noticeable buff on this weapon.
Patch #2. No changes.
Patch #3. Buffed heavy attack damage – this only affects cleaving many targets, you just deal a bit more damage to crowd of enemies overall. No important breakpoints can be reached – the closest one is marauders hs kill but you still need to roll at least one "vs infantry" to kill it with 15% power boost from talents with headshot charged. And the cherry on the top – removed critical strikes from first and second light attacks.

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I realize that the most of the nerfs is a result of corresponding nerfs of other weapons – D+D and S+S. But after all changes S+D become a weaker option – right now there is no real reason to pick it over the S+S aside from nerfed 2nd charged. Basically, right now your choice is high crit with low armor pen on S+S OR low crit with mediocre armor pen on S+D.
I'm not even saying that nerfing D+D wasn't really necessary – it was good against armor but you had some troubles with a hordes and now both aspects of this weapon is nerfed. Important thing – im not saying that S+D is not viable on legend, it still is (any experienced player can complete legend runs armed with a broom and a water pistol, but this have nothing to do with weapon balance). But it’s just feels overnerfed in comparison to other weapons and there’s just a bit less satisfaction in using it now. It’s basically “this weapon is weaker than the others but I want to use it because I like the vibe of it”.
What's your thoughts on position of this weapon now?

I’d like to see reverse of crit and poison changes to make it at least on par with other weapons, or maybe make push even stronger and add poison on it too, like one daggers have.

P.S Sorry for grammar, English is not my primary.


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