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State of the Subreddit: May 2020–New Mods & Rules Update!

warhammer 10 - State of the Subreddit: May 2020--New Mods & Rules Update!

Hey all!

Welcome to the first State of the Subreddit post for 2020! With this post brings new mods, some updated rules, and some hopes for the future in order to better streamline the subreddit for this year.

Overarching Goal:

Our main goal for the sub this year is to create a welcoming and more organized environment to foster discussion about Vermintide. Tall order, we know. But hopefully with a larger mod team and greater attention to detail, we can achieve this.

You will see occasional check-in posts/surveys from time to time from the mods for you all to cast feedback on your wants and dreams for this subreddit. Change isn't created in vacuum, after all! 🙂

Flairs will soon be changed and reordered to better reflect current content submissions on the subreddit.

New Rules:

Over the next couple of days, you'll see these rules updated on the sidebar:

  • Follow Reddiquette. Remember the human. Would what you’re saying or how you’re saying it get you jumped in real life? Be respectful of your fellow redditors. Any form of discrimination, bigotry, racism, and/or hostility directed towards players or communities will not be tolerated.
  • No discussion of exploits/hacks/or piracy. Any submissions linking to hacks/exploits or explaining how to perform hacks/exploits will be removed. This includes Any% speedruns.
  • No naming and shaming. The subreddit is not the place to complain about or make fun of specific players in your games.
  • No low effort or unrelated topics. Memes should feature content directly related to Vermintide. Just because you find a funny picture of a rat, does not mean it belongs on this sub.
  • NSFW is allowed, but use common sense. We try to lean on the side of tasteful vs outright explicitness. All NSFW is subject to mod discretion. Underage depictions or descriptions or real life gore and animal abuse are never allowed.
  • Please limit your self-promotion. We allow you to share your vids, but please be mindful of how often you're posting. "Watch me on Twitch/I'm live" posts are not allowed.

Notable Changes:

  • Can we call Fatshark alternative names? Yes. This does not mean you can abuse the devs who frequent this sub, but after some discussion, we decided limiting corporate childish name-calling didn't really help or hinder what was on the Reddit.
  • Book of Grudges? It will be deleted and purged in order to abide by our own "no naming and shaming" rule. Mods should stay mods and not community gatekeepers.
  • Three strikes? It's still there, in theory. However, in practice, mods will judge behavior and consequences on a case-by-case basis.

So tell me about the new mods!

We have added long-time subredditor u/Vaeneas and long-time lurker (and Discord moderator) u/-SevenProxy- (aka SilentGate) to the team. Please stop by and say hello when you see them. 🙂

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