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Statement: People don’t want advice

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This is a serious post, not sarcasm or ranting.

After a good few hundred of hours in this game, of which many are with randoms or QP pubs, most people take advice or any form as criticism as a (personal) attack towards them.

  • There's people that just straight out don't listen to any reason and act as if whatever they run is god-tier.
  • There's people that listen to advice just to be polite but don't do anything with it.
  • There's people that try a suggestion once, and if it doesn't work out go back to old habits.
  • There's people that don't care or "play for fun".

I don't want to sound like the arbiter of META builds (or whatever), but people should realize that this is a co-op game after all. If someone runs a wacky or extremely ineffective build, that they sometimes can't even use in the first place, it affects the other 3 players in the party as well.

Posted this mainly as a point of discussion, viewing other's opinions on this topic, maybe shed a light on the reasoning behind some of the choices people make.


I have already realized that I just simply don't understand the mental processes behind choices/motivations of a lot of people since I'm an "Every last drop" type of player.

Other than the main topic, some opinions I'd like to see on…

  • Players running "fun" builds or "experimental" builds that cause them to be ineffective and become a burden on the other players
  • Players not listening to suggestions on game mechanics/strategies. Some that I've seen often myself: Letting Shade kill CW's in 2x Elite deed, focusing on Rasknitt on Skittergate

Note: I don't claim or will ever claim to know all the answers. I'm ALWAYS open for debate and discussion to see other points of view and possibly better myself. Opinions/preferences are not facts however, neither are mine.

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