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Stormfiends are busted

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I feel like Stormfiends have a couple issues and no one talks about them. If I had to guess why no one does, it is because Stormfiends are piss-easy and no one wants fatshark to fix them and make them more challenging. But I don't like having busted enemies any more than I like having busted character classes, so I'm going to point out the Stormfiend's blatant problems.

1) Their warpfire is extremely inconsistent. You can stand in it sometimes and it won't do anything. You can dip your toes in it and receive a DoT that takes literally half of your health (full bar no grims), regardless of how long you were in the fire, which is inconsistent when compared to how warpfire throwers behave. Also, sometimes it pushes you, sometimes it doesn't. I haven't done enough testing to see if this is something that changes if you are host or not, but I wouldn't rule it out, as usual.


2) Stormfiends are gymnasts. For some reason their AI compels them to hop over every obstacle and climb every building they see. Whether this is a benefit to the team (free time to deal with hordes and specials) or a detriment (chasing the fu*king fiend around and wasting time) is irrelevant, all I see is an enemy that just stops targeting people in favor of faffing about.

3) Sometimes Stormfiends just vanish. No death animation, no clipping through something and falling through the map, they're just fu*king GONE. I haven't seen other bosses do this, only Stormfiends.

I know there are much, MUCH more important things that need fixing, but come on, these issues have been around since the beta.

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