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[Story/Question] Carrying a med Pack with Natural Bond a bad play?

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Legend Screaming Bell. Zealot, Kerillian, Slayer and Footknight (me) casually going through the first part of the level. As always I inform the group about me using Natural Bond so they can ajust item slots accordingly together with me.

Zealot and Kerillian find a Healing Draught in no time and shortly after Sigmar blesses us with a Medkit aswell. This is long before the first tome and we did not even jump down towards the alleyway with the Grim. I decide to pick up the medkit, cause why not? I'm the tankiest and least likely to end up grey and its still better than carrying a Healing Draught, right? (Slayer still had an empty slot, but there could have easily been another Healing Draught on the way to the first tome I think.)

Kerillian (Oh, here comes the sterotype) starts first flaming me in voice chat. I type that I could cure 2 grey healthstages if 2 people go down, trying to give some reason, but didnt bother to type out much. Just a "I can cure 2 grey health with it, can still heal others with NB".


We literally keep going for 2 meters before Kerillian types again. "I just cannot understand how you can play with NB and pick up the Medkit." Further into the mission I also got flamed for using my charge on a Spawn before it grabbed someone. (40% CDR, for the grab it actually landed on the Zealot shortly after it was ready again)

End of the day we finished the run with fuul books, I did not go down once while Slayer and Kerillian both got themselves killed once. Zealot went down, but didn't die.

Now my question: It's obviously wrong to flame people, but from a logical/tactical point of view… while 2 people have draughts, 1 empty slot are you wrong to pick up a med kit since the first tome is way ahead and you can do more with the medkit than with a healing draught? Especially as the only tank?

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