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Stream today was a good thing, end of the story

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Honestly guys, im starting to get this image of redditors being these whiney fu*king 11 year olds raging all the time (most people probably are..).
I mean, grow the fu*k up and get this american "the client is king" (or even god, as some people act like) bullshit attitude out of your heads please. The game is already worth its 30 bucks right now, the fact that they keep their entire developer team on the case of increasing the game constantly and probably each of the members dedicating way too much time of their own into the game is a privilege.
All posts here claiming the stream was "fu*king embarassing", "making you puke your guts out" etc. are the true embarassments. They have a small team compared to other gamedev companies.
I mean honestly, what did you expect? a show like apple does when presenting new products? are you retarded? arent you happy they rather spend more time and effort optimizing the game instead of wasting time making a big thing out of this stream?
Even tho many people complain they said basically nothing, i gathered following information in a stream of short duration:

  • learned about their thought process for last patch, based on what and also how they tweak or buff things

  • underperforming characters will be adressed in balance changes

  • more cosmetics will be implemented

  • chance for duplicate reds will be lowered in future

  • green dust problem will be adressed

  • they read a lot of feedback on forums and take it serious in their approaching of adressing bugs/balance changes

  • they play the game themselves A LOT, to find bugs and understand the dynamic of the gameplay

  • they are working on a quest board like in VT1 (but with lootbox rewards)

  • the highest difficulty of the game might be increased in the future if people get better and adjust to the current difficulty, to keep it challenging

  • some bugfixes /changes would apparently result in huge amounts of download datavolume so they try to pack all those fixes in one big patch in the future, while for now stuff is adressed that is important but does not need huge amounts of datavolume to be downloaded.

  • they are working on a good way to implement patches first with a beta. Like e.g. they listen to forums and also build their own ideas on changes, put up a beta, listen to reactions in forums and also test it out by themselves, then deciding to implement. Something like that..

  • next week a small patch will come out, probably balancepatch.

If anything, the most important thing i took from the stream is that they really care about the game (and how the playerbase enjoys playing it) and even have some hardcore gamers who basically dedicate their entire freetime and work time into the game. If that is not a good thing, then idk

no news about dedicated servers or dlc, but what is there to tell? its both not ready yet. do you think it would be better if they just set a fixed date for when both should arrive and then maybe its ready in time and maybe not? i dont think so, but w/e, you're all gods and know everything better anyways, so why do i even bother writing this post..

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