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Subreddit Housekeeping (2 April 2018)

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Greets, all. Firstly, thanks for all the feeback on the "State of the Subreddit" thread. We appreciate it. This is going to be a bit-of-everything post to update you on what the mod team has been working on over the last couple of weeks.


In the end we've decided to adopt a mostly laissez-faire attitude. We won't try to split up the subreddit, and we won't try to exclude Umgak posting… much. The primary vision for this subreddit is to be a home for all kinds of Vermintide players, and all kinds of Vermintide discussion. Here's what we've resolved:

  1. UMGAK-FREE DAY. Given that memes and umgak tend to harvest upvotes faster than more serious fare, we’ve decided to designate one day per week as an “umgak-free day”. If you’ve got something un-flashy to share, that’ll be the day to do it! Which day, you ask? We’re taking suggestions. Hit us with your best name for the day as well — we’re stumped so far.

  2. MORE COMPREHENSIVE FLAIRS, STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. To help people filter their Vermintide subreddit to suit their preferences, we’re looking towards mandatory flairing. We haven’t quite got a bot on-line to enforce a policy, yet, so for the time being it will remain voluntary. We’ve also been working on expanding/revising the flair list (see below) to better reflect the sub’s interests/obsessions. We’ll also be adding some handy filter buttons to the sidebar to make filtering more convenient, something like you see on https://www.reddit.com/r/kingdomcome. If anyone can help us get a bot up and running for mandatory flairing, hit us up via modmail.

  3. CONSOLE PLAYERS. We’re just going to continue as we have been and hope that using the console flair is enough to help the currently underrepresented console players find each other.


  • RULE 1. "No naming and shaming" specifically refers to insulting or castigating people based on how they play the game. Complimentary shout outs are fine, "missed connections" type stuff is fine. Reporting cheaters and/or griefers isn't something we're doing in public at the current time. If you have evidence of an encounter with an unscrupulous player please pass that on to Fatshark directly. If you don't hear back from them then hit us up, next.

  • RULE 2. In addition to the existing "no exploit demos" rule that was developed for VT1, we're extending Rule 2 to include any posts describing exploits or farming methods that are both against the EULA and would likely get you banned from the game. Quality-of-Life third-party software use (such as an authotkey script to help you bind more than one key to an in-game function) will be allowed at our discretion, but similar software being used to farm XP, for example, isn't allowed.

  • RULE 3. In addition to no links to "true cheats" for Vermintide 1, no links to resources designed to circumvent EAC or otherwise mod the game outside the scope of Fatshark's official modding support will be tolerated. We also will delete instructions for finding such resources.

Read:  [Vermintide1] Quests and Contracts (August 7th 2018) [Red Mace and Shield]

Don't some of these rules fly in the face of our vision of the subreddit being for all kinds of players? Well, yes. We know from Vermintide 1, though, that true-cheats and map skips and the like reliably lead to bad experiences for players in public games. Please wait for official modding support whereupon you'll be able to do just about anything you like without affecting vanilla players.


Here are our current flairs along with some new/retired ones.

  • Current Flairs

    • Announcement
      • Subreddit news & changes
    • Suggestion
      • Content aimed specifically at the devs but open for feedback
    • News / Events
      • Vermintide stuff
    • Umgak
      • Our beating heart
    • Issue / Solved
      • Bug reports & other complaints
    • LFG
      • Looking for Group
    • Discussion
      • Catch-all category
    • Weekly
      • Weekly posts
    • Daily
      • Daily posts, currently only used for Vermintide 1
    • Console
      • To help our console-playing brethren find each other.
  • Proposed New Flairs

    • Gameplay Guides
      • Weapon guides, build guides, strategy guides, etc.
    • Verminscience
      • For content based on delving deep into the game’s inner workings and bringing back knowledge for the masses
    • Verminart
      • For original high-quality artistic contributions. Often image-based but literary content also qualifies!
    • Showcase
      • Braggin’ about illusions, reds, challenge runs
  • Proposed Retired Flairs

    • Strategy
      • Subsumed into “Guides” and “Verminscience”
    • Custom Content
      • Replaced by “Verminart”
    • Gameplay
      • Replaced by “Showcase”


The goal here is twofold: 1) to help redditors identify exceptionally knowledgeable posters and encourage them to post more and 2) incentivize being involved with the Vermintide community to an exceptional degree. Here are the proposed new subredditor flairs:

  • "Top Modder"
    • Be one of the fairly short list of big name modders from the VT1 scene, or (co)author of a successful VT2 mod (criteria to be determined)
  • "Team Sweden"
    • Be one of the four dudes who were invited and went to Sweden to workshop with the devs for three days.
  • "Verminartist"
    • Be one of the winners of a "Verminart" community challenge (to be resumed!) or amass an impressive portfolio of original artwork submissions.
  • Verminscientist
    • Amass an impressive portfolio of original Vermintide research or meta-research submissions.
  • "Wiki Wunderkind"
    • Make substantial contributions to the VT2 wiki (awarded at the discretion of the wiki admins)

Feel free to comment on both this proposal and the names themselves. Additionally, we've toyed with the idea of introducing some "veterancy flairs" for players of VT1 (or VT2) that have amassed 100% achievements, deathwish/true solo wins, full Legend clears, 1000 hours, etc. We can't decide whether this is a good idea or not and whether there's a way to to do this (match Steam IDs to reddit accounts) that wouldn't overwhelm us. Please post opinions below.


We've got an automoderator! Props to mod /u/YourVault. For the moment its sole task is to post the weekly Q&A thread.

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