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Suggested change to Beam Staff/Resourceful Sharpshooter/Heat Sink

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After playing lots of beam staff and viewing j_sat's video on wigglepyros, I have been thinking about this. These are not my original ideas, but rather a synthesis of ones I have heard/read. I am happy to credit you if this was your idea first!

  1. The first tick of the beam should not provide any knockback to enemies. There is no balance reason why you should be able to hold off an entire horde wave at range with minimal heat investment and no ammo cost.
  2. There should be an internal cooldown on RS/Heat Sink such that they happen only every X seconds. Even if wiggling will still generate you crits way faster than any other character/weapon (too fast imo) you won't be able to get your ult up in a few seconds. Note: I think you should still be able to do massive heat reduction/purple gain in a single hit (beam shotgun crit, fireball crit, etc), but not multiple instances in quick succession. The cooldown would need to be between the speed of bolt staff left click and beam tick.

My point is that this style of relatively brainless play should be less rewarded. I think the devs have made a good step in this direction by reducing the mass on Burning Head. Play however you want, but please consider this for balance reasons. Thoughts?


Purely my opinions below:

I see more and more Pyros join games, wiggle the beam, "Fly Free!" and destroy all the hordes. Usually these people die over and over, since they don't have the awareness & experience of j_sat and just want to play in a brainless (and effective) fashion.

I would even go so far as to say this damages the gameplay experience; any character not able to apply "free" ranged damage quickly becomes bored while playing with this Sienna, not to mention the fact that nobody else can get any temp health when she is hogging all the hordes.

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I know I'm not the only one rolling my eyes when one of these builds join.

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