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Suggestion: Better rewards for Boss missions

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I find that I get the Boss missions (Halescourge, War Camp, Into the Nest) very often in quick play. Just last night, I played around 10 quick play matches and I got a boss level easily 7 times. The thing is, that these levels are much longer than most others, and also quite difficult. I've found that on Champion and above, it's very rare that you'll even be able to finish these missions (War Camp has a much higher chance of success than the other two though) with a team of randoms in quick play. The Halescourge boss is, quite frankly, too damn hard (while the map itself is pretty easy), and the Skaven boss is too unforgiving for your typical group, with no ammo/health refill and constant summoning of elite mobs – not to mention that the level itself is incredibly long. Playing these maps feels like a waste of time when I could just quit, re-queue for quick play, and get something else. Every time I've gotten Halescourge in quick play, the group just kills itself by jumping off of a cliff rather than playing the level. I'd like to suggest that groups get better rewards for completing these maps in quick play. Maybe something like:

  • The quick play or level completion bonus holds more weight in the loot roll
  • Ranald has a higher chance for a good roll
  • Chest starts 1 tier higher

I have absolutely no problem with playing the maps themselves, I just feel like the loot you get for them isn't as much as it should be.

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