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Suggestion: Make Markus Kruber half sword for his 2h sword charge up attack

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As the title describes, I would absolutely love to see Markus Kruber have a rework with his two handed swords to make them more viable. I think most of us agree here that 2h swords are not in such a great spot as of right now. They are mediocre for crowd control, and their charge up attacks can take up to 5 hits to the head to kill a singe chaos warrior in champion. Not to mention how utterly slow the attack charge up is itself.

My suggestion is since Kruber is a combat hardened seasoned warrior, make him half sword his two handed swords for his charge up attacks. Half swording is a realistic HEMA technique where the wielder would grab the blade near the hilt of the sword, and would thrust forwards for additional reach and piercing power. This technique would absolutely make sense against opponents in Vermintide 2 that are heavily armored such as Chaos Warriors.

Here is an example of someone showing the technique with a zweihander: http://www.thearma.org/essays/2.jpg


As of the current 1.05 patch, I still have no reason to use Kruber's 2h swords. The Halberd has better piercing range and overall movesets, and Kruber's maul is just better for taking out specials quickly. Giving Kruber the ability to half sword and take out specials at a long melee range (possibly even more reach than the halberd's light poke range), the meta might shift in more favor to 2h swords and it would give players the option to think about what they are bringing out to the battlefield.

So Fatshark, you did a fantastic jobs with reskins and designs such as this zweihander that I found the other day: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/916921405363458554/94755A91E9284DDBFAAB2D568F0DFA334BAB4F85/ Please take this suggestion into consideration for Kruber's 2h swords, so that beautiful zweihander doesn't collect dust in my armory.

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